Erica Garner, 1990-2017


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“Liked” as an act of belief in what she fought for.


This is so damn sad, so tragic.


Courage in the face of evil is the highest cause. Rest in peace dear Sister.







Rest in power, Erica.

Damn it.





One of the most sickening parts of the whole ordeal was when the NYPD actively mocked Eric Garner’s dying words. I agree that Mayor De Blasio’s condolences to the family are tactless and empty in the absence of action—or even verbal condemnation—against Garner’s murderers.


Ugh. A fatal heart attack at 27. So much of this is just genetic lottery, but take care of your tickers best you can, fellow mutants.


What a display of multiculturalism and diversity.


You know…

Guillotines don’t have to be just for the aristocracy!


Without further in-depth medical knowledge about the specific case, one cannot say anything about a potential hereditary component in her early death, I think.


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