Essay: "Men could eliminate abortions in 3 months or less without ever touching an abortion law"


magnum–the condom to buy if you’re trying to impress the clerk at the convenience store.



I’ve known men who genuinely do require a larger size, but nothing is more secretly cringe-worthy than a man who doesn’t actually need one and doesn’t realize it… but that’s still the brand he buys.


one of my friends from my previous workplace told a story a few times about how her sister needed to get some magnum condoms for a date she was having later that evening but was too embarrassed to do it herself so my friend did it for her. she said the clerk was some grandmotherly older woman. after she asked for a box the lady looked at her and then told her, “honey, you shouldn’t be in here bragging about your boyfriend. besides, they’ll eventually slide off if they’re too big.”


if men got pregnant, not only would abortion clinics be as common as bars, they would be equipped with big, comfy sofas, giant TV’s tuned to football games, lots of beer, live music and dancing ladies.

you KNOW it.


also, here’s another way to get men to think differently about birth, pregnancy and abortion:

scientists are busy trying to create an “artificial uterus”

implant this in Every man who has ever insisted that he is “pro-life”. Every time a women gets an abortion, take that fetus out of her and put it inside HIM.
let HIM deal with being pregnant, with giving birth, with all the physical changes that entails.
if it kills him, well, that’s life.

if they “love” the fetus that much, let them prove it or shut up


That has shades of the movie Seven in my head.


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