Ethnic cleansing in Dominican Republic

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That’s really odd. Because he sounds just like Hitler talking about the Jews. He may not want to be seen as a fascist. But that’s what his views are.

I mean, if he goosesteps like a fascist, talks like a fascist, and salutes like a fascist… What else are we supposed to call him?


I’m not inclined to honor his preference in this matter.

Good on BB for posting this.

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Uh… A valued asset in our fight against terrorism? A Freedom Fighter™? Our allied friends?

I’m not familiar with the current doublespeak.


Thanks for sharing this horrific situation.

Minor technical thing: In Cory’s part of the article, “Haitian” is consistently misspelled as “Hatian”.


Thank you, biped. We have corrected this error.

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That situation it is not about racist (dominicans dont consider themselves white) is about security, DR is a poor country they cant afford to carry Haity`s troubles by themselves.

Just made an account to come and tell us now bad the poor D.R. has it? Welcome to Boing Boing.

However, this situation is explicitly and obviously racist. The court is not requiring that all poor illegal immigrants be ejected; it’s requiring that people with Hatian surnames be stripped of their citizenship. That is not about security.

I came here thinking, really? Ethnic cleansing? I expected it was Cory’s usual um… enhanced narrative. Having read a little on the subject, on both sides, yes this is Fascism. Yes, it’s ethnic cleansing, and it looks very much like you’re planning a genocide.


actually the hitler connection insults fascism. mussolini brought fascism to italy for decades without creating a holocaust.

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Uhm, It is a large scale violation of basic human rights motivated by racism, but it is not ethnic cleansing until those Dominicans unjustly deprived of their citizenship because of their Haitian heritage are actually forced to leave.
I believe it’s important to keep up the distinction between various horrible crimes, because there is always a worse crime lurking around the corner. If you call this “ethnic cleansing”, you’ll need to use the word “genocide” when they start the ethnic cleansing, and when they start the actual genocide, you will have run out of words to explain why something needs to be done about it.

Yeah, right. And the holocaust was not about racism either, because the Nazis didn’t think of the Jews as non-white (the term “aryan” was quite popular for non-semitic white people…).

Actually, the fate of people who were born in and grew up in the DR is not part of Haiti’s troubles. This is about taking citizenship away from people who were citizens. Haiti’s troubles, and new immigration from Haiti to DR, are a different issue alltogether.


Doesn’t the fact that they are “no longer entitled to citizenship” prepare for that next step? If they left and came back would it be not unreasonable to deny them entry?

My neighbor isn’t technically barbecuing if he’s just marinating steaks and lighting the grill, but it’s not like I won’t be able to call the later step barbecuing because I misclassified his prep-step.

“No need for name calling. Technically, I’m not actually committing an act of terrorism until AFTER I press this button.”


A clock and a clacker? But no battery pack?

The battery pack and detonator are in his pants. The clock is just there to remind him what time he’s supposed to explode.

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That doesn’t mean fascism was a good thing, though.

Ethnic cleansing, no, laying siege to whole towns and killing anyone who stepped out of line? Absolutely.

Fascism: If it’s not killing all the Jews and trying to take over the world, it’s killing all the “unpatriotic people”.

Seriously, are you going to quibble over fascism vs Naziism? Because from an academic standpoint they may be distinct, in practice they’re the same thing exercised with different levels of enthusiasm.

And competence.

And how hard did Brainspore have to google to come up with a non-“swarthy/stereotypical middle eastern dude” graphic…

2+ internets for the effort though!

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I couldn’t find it on image search, but there was an episode of the Simpsons (S08E19 - Grade School Confidential) where Skinner and Krabapple are outed as lovers. They eventually hole up in the school, and Skinner comes out with what appears to be dynamite strapped around his chest saying: “Attention I… Have a bomb”

Of course different people notice it’s actually made of hot dogs. “Wait, those are hot dogs!” “Armor Hot dogs!” Chalmers joins in “My god, who would wear Armor Hot Dogs?”

Long story short, I like cured meat with high levels of nitrates and sodium.

@Mindysan33 agreed

@LDoBe no, i’m not. i was engaging in a rhetorical device i call " damning with faint praise" by defending fascism in the way i did from being synonymous with genocide. it’s closely related to irony.

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