Euphonia: a mechanical talking machine


Here’s a delicious potted history of the Euphonia, a mid-19th century gadget that could simulate human speech by pumping bellows-fed air over an artificial tongue set in a chamber of weird plates and valves. It had a severe woman’s face and coils of hair in ringlets, and spoke in a “weird, ghostly monotone.” By pumping… READ THE REST


Wax cylinder recording or GTFO. XD


Wow, steampunk Wintermute…


Damn you, beat me by 2 minutes!


has anyone reproduced this? i’d like to hear what it sounds like…


I misread that as “severed woman’s face” which made it even more macabre.


I too would love to hear what this sounds like!


Nice to see a female robot that everyone isn’t drooling over.


Wolfgang von Kempelen made a ‘Speaking Machine’ the century before. There is a perfunctory demonstration of a replica on youtube.


This is such a tease. I really expected to hear this thing…

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