Radio Man walks, talks, and yodels





But can he smoke?


Mr. Hubert appears to be peering up the robot’s pants.

Robosexual freak!


Note that this was undoubtedly a remote-controlled device rather than a robot, with the “mechanisms” mostly being for effect. Odds are good that it didn’t even have microphones and that the operator was listening directly; there’s plenty of direct evidence that even when the operator is in plain sight the toy misdirects attention quite well enough that nobody who isn’t expecting it is likely to notice them.

Popular Science always was somewhat gullible/overenthusiastic about rigged demos and exaggerated promises.


Heck, it’s right in his name, he was the Radio Man. One thing you can rest assured about is that it wasn’t doing realtime voice recognition with vacuum tubes.


He’s an awfully effeminate yodeling radio man.


Could he cover Hocus Pocus?


My, those legs certainly are ponderous.


“42 Relays” “like a telephone swicthboard”

You can tell that the demonstrator is
in a


…of pulses
like the output of a rotary phone dial.


Ronnie kept losing his “robot pants.”





I was thinking about those legs, too.

Which might make them ponderable.


Left wondering what the robonipples do.

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