Impressive robot praised by Russia state television revealed to be a man in a costume


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What is deeply shocking is that they did not have it play against a chessmaster.


And this is why you need a free press.


Nobody asked, but In case you were wondering… it’s Skibidi, by Little Big


Russian state TV praising a bot that’s actually a human…


Are you kidding me? Engineering all that wetware? It’s a masterwork!


Aka Russian Die Antwoord. I bet a lot of happy mutants love them.


This is how you rule the Republican party.


They’ve been working on that since 2002


Reminds me of Zed from the 1980s and 90s, but it turned out that the comedian was actually robot.


HK-47 : " Explanation: It’s just that… you have all these squishy parts, master. And all that water! How the constant sloshing doesn’t drive you mad, I have no idea. " Quote from Wookieepedia

HK-47, one of the most fun misanthropic characters ever written.
From KOTOR, Knights Of The Old Republic, Star Wars



It took nine months just to construct the first version. And the number of man-hours that have gone into training its neural networks are significant.



Also, Russians have a thing with Chess.


Well this one could smoke!


Boston Dynamics’ robots move fluidly, successfully emulating human body motion…

… while unlucky human in costume moves like a robot from a 3rd rate 50’s sci-fi serial.

Absolutely pathetic.


Why do I have to subject myself to this entire video every single time someone posts it? Nobody who was present at the actual event seems like they want to be there, as if the performance is mandatory, as is attendance. Even long after the fact, viewing seems mandatory for reasons I cannot understand, yet also cannot deny. WHY!?


Vitas himself seems to be having a great time though…


What a surprise, the inventor of “Potemkin”, has Potemkin robots.


This is a story about a journalist failing to report technical matters correctly. A universal problem, no? Making it out to be an indictment of a culture is reaching.