Europe Wants to Know Who Ordered the Halal Meal

European nations are now trying to expand their police powers to include sweeping surveillance measures. Among them, tracking who ordered the halal meal on flights. (Source: The Guardian.)

This is such a joke, I can’t even begin to understand how this will be used except to make a marginalized population feel even more marginalized. My first instinct is, fuck them and the horse they rode in on. At least after 9/11 the US had the utterly disastrously morally bankrupt excuse that there weren’t any extant models for countries that employed sweeping police powers to try and stop terrorism that ultimately did very little to stop terrorism and did a great deal to fuck over law-abiding people. Europe doesn’t even have that excuse, being able to look across the pond at what an utter fucking waste of time and energy that has been, for basically nothing. Except in Europe, it has the serious potential for blowback. The best way to prevent a fifth column (not that such a substantial minority really ever qualified) from asserting its will in your country is to avoid creating one.


Clearly, all we can do is either ALL order halal on flights around Europe or just not fly. We can all go by boat to get there and then ride trains everywhere.

But what a bunch of horseshit. I think you’re right about blowback. And of course, the people caught in the middle will be the very people who are in Europe precisely because of the shit conditions back home in the first place. I’m curious what percentage of non-native Muslims in Europe are refugees - for that matter what percentage of native (meaning Europeans) Muslims are refugees.

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I doubt it will have any effect. I’ve all but given up on consumer-power to effect change. Especially when the consumers who are agitating are in a significant minority.


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