Europeans petition Bob Iger to save Disneyland Paris from its long decline


Really is in that horrible shape? I’ve been there a couple of times with my kids and found it a good experience.


Has a vermin problem too.
There are mice everywhere.


Huge ones.


Uh, Disney always had mice. Minnie, Mickey, etc. :wink:

Were there names, Minnie and Mickey?




Isn’t the food at all the Disney Parks awful? Maybe not at the “Club 33” or equivalent members-only clubs, but certainly the standard burgers and bland child-friendly pizza that the general public get to buy.

It reminds me of this

No! Disneyland has really good food these days. The sit-down restaurant in New Orleans square has wonderful food; my favorite is the grilled polenta with rattatoiulli and asparagus. (Not the Blue Bayou which has become insanely overpriced, but being inside the Pirates ride, is one of the coolest restaurants ever.) The gumbo shop nearby has surprisingly delicious gumbo, including a veggie gumbo. There are vegetarian options all over the park in fact. At California Adventure, there’s an Italian restaurant with good wines; the food court there has high-quality food of all kinds. And margaritas! I’ve been amazed at how much their food options have transformed over the past 5-10 years, as it used to be exactly as you describe.

And the pineapple whip floats at the Enchanted Tiki room remain as delicious as ever!


I wouldn’t shed a tear if they levelled the place. It’s awful. Went 8 years ago and spent hours in a queue to try a ride. Rip-off prices.

That’s a problem at all the Disney parks.

Although I´ve never been to any Disney theme park, I just don´t think the European mindset generally lends itself very well to generate the happy, squeaky-clean family-friendly experience I would associate with Disneyland. I think as staff of such a theme park you´d have to be kind of into it, or be able to make yourself be into it, to exude the level of enthusiasm the job asks for. Of all the service personnel I´ve personally had the pleasure with in Paris, or most of Europe for that matter, I couldn´t imagine anyone doing that wholeheartedly.


Wasn’t Paris Disneyland famous for having remarkably low turnouts compared to what they expected, right from the beginning? That might be a major contributing factor…

I think you have a point, but most of visitors are Europeans, too. I am not sure it is a given that “Disneyland Paris - A sufficiently happy place” can’t work.

When it first opened it was known as EuroDisney and it didn’t meet expectations at all. a few years later they rebranded as Disneyland Paris and customer numbers slowly picked up.

Disneyland Paris is owned by a French company; of which 40 percent is owned by Disney. The rest by a Saudi prince and public stock. CEO is Philippe Gas…The CEO. IS Philippe GAS. GAS GAS GAS GAS the THE the thethe CEO is Philippe PHILIPPE Philippe GAS

In general Disney food in Walt Disney World is fantastic though pricey. There are a ton of sit-down places with excellent food, and the World Showcase has a lot of great counter service places (esp. Morocco). At their hotels they have some world class restaurants like Victoria and Alberts, California Grill, Jiko (and also next door Boma, which is a favorite of mine).

Food in Disneyland can be good, but it’s more hit and miss. While some of the counter service fare is so-so, the Blue Bayou is great, and there’s a lot of excellent food in Downtown Disney and in the hotels on property. I ate at a place I can’t remember the name of in the Grand Californian that was superb.

Never been to Disney Tokyo, but I heard the food there was excellent.

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Here’s a blog devoted to Disney Food (mostly WDW in Florida).

very good stuff. When the blog isn’t focusing on deserts as they do most times.

Here’s the review of the refurbished California Grill at Disney World.
Note: The review is from a tasting party for the press so the portion sizes are small compared to the posted menu prices.