Europe's largest nuclear power plant shut down after “technical fault”

That’s why the reactors have all those pesky emergency core cooling systems. Which, with less obsolete reactor designs, can operate even without external power, on its own heat.

In Fuckupshima the reactors were too old.

There is a way to write a good headline. But a good, informative headline that does not manipulate the reader with scare quotes nor acts as an obvious clickbait is a rare sight these days. Why, oh why?

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You’d think the BB team would have a good source of info readily available for that sort of thing.

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I am afraid their editorial team is too loosely knit to take advantage of the in-house expertise, at least in this specific case.

“Does anyone else find themselves getting outrage fatigue over bullshit BoingBoing headlines”
Funny, because I was just reading the post by Rob (whom I’ve always loved, but…) where he unnecessarily outed a banee for “whining”:

I was going to post in that discussion how I was banned on the old system by Antinous after I pointed out 3 days in a row of clearly inaccurate and seemingly intentionally misrepresentative and sensationalist headlines (one of which was about a story unfolding in my area, which really tweaked me). The reason Antinous gave me was that he was tired of hearing my whining and I could go to another site if I didn’t like it.

So the sensationalism it isn’t a new thing… Cory and Xeni specifically seem to have a penchant for putting bias and spin on things in ways that would make them fantastic Fox News contributors. It has definitely gotten worse over the last few years. And if you point it out, rather than them taking an honest look at themselves and their journalistic integrity, they just tell you to leave or shut you up forcefully. Wonderful things, indeed.

Now we’ll see how they react to my “whining” again here.

I’d have to find them worthy of getting worked up about first, or maybe if I held an unreasonable expectation that this place was in any way, shape, or form: “Straight”.

[quote=“shaddack, post:21, topic:47448”]
That’s why the reactors have all those pesky emergency core cooling systems.[/quote]
I was replying to a comment about a LOCA. Hopefully your emergency system can make the vessel whole, and refill it with coolant?

But, seriously, newer designs have a “core catcher” in the basement. Looks like a giant lemon juicer. A dome with ribs, to break up the core mass in an attempt to avoid re-criticality. I have no idea what problem that stupid donut-shaped tunnel under the Fuku reactor was supposed to solve.

Banned for whining.

As anyone can see, there’s plenty of vigorous criticism and disagreement in this thread.

But, by God, the noise of all that whining has to go.


That’s not actually true, though. It’s perfectly possible to be both brief and honest at the same time. I mean, if you’re just tired of people criticizing BoingBoing, that’s fine, but let’s not pretend that honest headlines are literally impossible. That’s just silly.

That doesn’t seem to happen so much since Antinous quit BoingBoing, after that one Real Life comic about Denny and his girlfriend having a grand night out beatin’ up queers. I complain about things all the time, and the worst that happens is AcerPlatanoides telling me that lying is only wrong if you’re officially a journalist.

That’s called emergency core cooling system, aka ECCS.

There are several strategies to deal with LOCA,

Corium is an interesting material. Was fun compiling this article.

It’s a wetwell, also called a suppression pool. Its role is bubbling steam through the water, condensing it in order to manage the pressure in the containment. Similar to the water pools under the Chernobyl reactor, where the porous pumice-like corium was found. These are used as part of containment building safety systems for boiling water reactors, not found with VVERs.

But not interesting as well. Pick two.


FTFY :wink: And two are just enough.

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I got curious as to the last time the largest nuclear power plant in the U.S. SCRAMed:

As you can see, automated shutdown of nuclear reactors happens frequently and is a result of the safety-focused way the plants are run. Don’t let scary headlines and misinformation make you afraid - knowledge is the antidote to fear.

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If Europe’s largest nuclear power plant shut down after “technical fault” is interesting, than so is Europe’s largest nuclear power plant cuts output after technical fault. It doesn’t even take any more characters to not lie, after you drop the scare quotes.

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bwahahahha. oh, sorry. hahahahahah

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when the hell did i say anything you could misconstrue so badly? find a better hobby. fiction isn’t your strength.

On at least one occasion, when I complained about Doctorow or possibly Xeni making up facts, you told me that it was okay because they weren’t journalists.

I can dig up the links later if you want. I’m not feeling argumentative enough to hunt them down at the moment.

You realize that quotes aren’t actually scary, right? If the transformer information isn’t released until later, then “technical fault” is all that’s available. And because of healthy journalistic skepticism, it’s fine to quote it to indicate the source. The phrase “scare quotes” is much more a case of lying, sensational bullshit than "technical fault.

Okay. If I grant you that, “shut down” is still an outright lie. Or I suppose I could grant you “laughably incompetent reading comprehension,” but that’s no more complimentary to a writer.

If by “shut down”, you mean, “turned off all facilities and left it to the local packs of ravening wolves,” you might have a point. You don’t. Because there were major parts of the facility that were shut down. By any reasonable definition of “shut down.”

When you play definitional games, don’t pork yourself of thy own petard.

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