Evangelical Christian Furries are scared of being outed as homophobes

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Christo Fascist “Grievance Babies” come up with something new every f’ing day.


You still don’t get it, do you?


Not surprising at all.

Personally, I don’t really care what god(s) you worship (or don’t worship) - Just don’t proselytize to me, m’kay? Especially if you really, really want to know what god(s) I worship (or don’t)- that’s private information.


Yeah, I see what the right wing side of the fandom talks about in private and it is lots of yikes. The straight christian side of the fandom tends to be in those circles. There is a bunch of homophobia running though there. You also find the trans-phobes in there.


I think this is true of a lot of special interest communities. Most are mainly secular now, and I have acquaintances in a few areas of my life that I know feel self-conscious about their extreme religious beliefs in those groups.

This strikes me as the inevitable marginalization of a set of mostly horrible beliefs, and frankly they should feel bad about it. This is their communities telling them their attitudes are not okay in this group. However, what will likely happen instead is that it will further fuel the victimhood narrative that Evangelicals have about themselves. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy- you hold hateful beliefs, so people don’t want to be around you. Because people won’t be around you, you feel marginalized and start to feel more extreme about those beliefs.

Breaking that cycle requires a level of perspective and introspection that I fear not a lot of Evangelicals have.


The frustrating part is how language around the culture of tolerance has been adopted and perverted to mean something that is the antithesis of the intent. Acceptance is a two-way street, not a shortcut.


Yes, exactly. Once again it’s all about punching up versus punching down. The groups in power always try to co-opt the language and message of the oppressed, generally as a last resort. It’s how we get “reverse racism” claims from white firefighters, and “sexism” claims made by men when gender is mentioned at all.

The good news is, this tactic is one of desperation and means they are losing. If you have to start playing the victim, then you’re no longer holding on to power. Back in, say, the 1940s, nobody had to make such claims because nobody was even talking about these issues in a way that anyone mainstream was taking seriously. If you feel your best move is to pretend to be the underdog, that means you’re very close to actually being the underdog. It’s not a strong position for them to be fighting from.


Sorry to be gauche and quote myself, but I should give a concrete example here.

In a hobby I am involved in, a prominent figure in our community is an Evangelical. We’ve all always known this, but didn’t talk much about it, and face to face he was a nice man. It never really came up and we didn’t ask. Then he posted some really nasty stuff on social media when Roe was overturned. A lot of us in the community saw it, of course, and expressed concerns to the organizers of the community. We then looked at his other recent posts and it was all similar hateful and threatening material. Many of us no longer felt safe in the community with him around, knowing this was how he truly felt about us. The organizers discussed it with him, and he decided to fall on his sword. He declared himself “persona non grata” to everyone who would listen and (ironically) announced loudly from every rooftop that he was being silenced. It all ended really ugly but he basically left the community after that. I’m sure he now goes around telling everyone about how he was “cancelled”.

All that was needed was for him to think about the people he was hating and maybe tone it down. Perhaps an apology, but nobody even asked for that. He went straight to martyr and stormed out of the group, stomping his feet. He behaved like a spoiled child.

Privilege is a hell of a drug. I think this is the first time in his life (as a straight, white, extremist Evangelical Christian) that he’s ever had his beliefs challenged. He did not handle it well.


If I could upvote you multiple times for that, I would.


given the associations between white American Evangelical Christians and homophobia, some of these Christian Furries are reportedly concerned that even their fur community has its limits

If they acknowledge the validity of Popper’s Paradox and the Geek Social Fallacies, their concerns should be allayed. If they want to be accepted in one community that values diversity and inclusivity and free expression they should first work on cleaning up their other community that clearly doesn’t value those things.


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