Survey of top U.S. evangelical churches reveals "three explosive insights"


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I think we should keep explosive things away from religious fanatics.


“Evangelism” basically amounts to “Believe what I believe!”, so I am in no way surprised that it is the province of violent, easily-disillusioned assholes.


Wait, is that the serpent before he was made to crawl on his belly? He looks extremely traumatised, probably has some sort of foreknowledge of his coming separation from Jesus, and that they won’t be friends anymore. I feel bad for the serpent, on the other hand what the hell is that fold of skin covering part of Jesus’ forearm? Did the serpent have a dewlap or something?


That is, of course, an adorable baby tyrannosaur :t_rex:


It’s no surprise that “Evangelical” churches are overwhelmingly white, male-dominated, and homophobic.

I would be interest to see the numbers for a “mainstream” denomination.

United Methodists?
Roman Catholics?
Eastern Orthodox?

I am suspicious that, while their stats would be objectively better, they might not be very much better.


The most impressive thing about these church leaders is the way that God agrees with everything they believe.


From the You Don’t Say? department of No Shit, Sherlock University


As usual, we have agreed to pretend the Evengelical left does not exist. I have known quite a few Evangelical churches led by women, mostly Evangelical Lutheran.



So this is a thing :question:

Not deliberate (but very possibly negligent) ignorance on my part.

Can you point me at some resources where I might remedy my ignorance?



Excellent :exclamation:

Thank you for the very prompt response :slightly_smiling_face:


Two years ago there was a poll which found that 45% of Church of England members supported same sex marriage, and 37% were opposed to it.

Same sex marriage ceremonies aren’t allowed in the Church of England (Something about having to marry all believers unless there is an exception in English law).


It doesn’t take a organization like Church Clarity to tell me these things. Evangelical says it all.

CC’s mission statement: “Our goal is to eliminate the prevailing reality - among Evangelical churches but also beyond - where ambiguity is acceptable, where accountability is rare and where pastors are able to conceal the policies that they actively enforce.”

So, each evangelical organization presents clear, concise policies for all to see then what? (And most do) Bible belts come in a wide variety of different sizes. (Most come in white vinyl) Labeling them is not going to change a goddamned thing. They are still going to be anti this and anti that. Is Church Clarity going to go to each church and force the church’s corporate mission statement on it’s members. I think not.


It results in “three explosive insights,” which are fairly easy to guess: evangelical churches are universally hostile to LBGTQ people, 93% are led by white pastors, and 99% by men.

That’s before we get to the whole “give me money because the Invisible Bearded Sky Man™ says so” scam.


Growing up in an evangelical house I would bet anything that the denominations you mention are much, much better. It can’t be overstated how awful these people are (fingers crossed that they’re an aberration).


Evangelism: Because thinking is hard.


“three explosive diarrhea insights”



It’s been pretty well demonstrated at this point that most white people who identify as “evangelical” do so because of racist, reactionary politics, not because of any religious beliefs. Their beliefs have become increasingly divorced from those of other Christian evangelicals. But it’s those reactionary white “evangelicals” who have gotten to define the term, since they apparently make up the (noisy) majority.


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