Even ABC's Nightline is avoiding REAL news

I just watched last night’s show: Over the past year it seems to just be turning into another daytime gossip show…

The first story was just “stirring the pot of racism” with the 5th anniv. of Trayvon Martin’s shooting.
~ And of course they plugged the new book by his parents.

The second was about a (Sorry TX) Texas couple that has a bison wandering through/living in their house and a gay couple living with a pig and talking about all of their FaceBook followers.

The last “story” was just an ad for an ABC reality show that’s on tonight.

SORRY: Needed to vent !

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Yeah , no need to mark an anniversary of that landmark tragedy/travesty, amirite? Pointing out that many Americans still bear the brunt of white supremacy is just stirring the pot of racism.

I didn’t see this show, and I’m as cynical as anyone about the motives of corporate media, but I’d have to at least hear more about it to find your dismissive description credible.


The thing is that was the lead story and the most ‘newslike’ news of the program. Everything else would be at best local news or maybe MAYBE filler material. Not ‘the rest of the hour.’


I was just noting that considering all of the turmoil in the U.S. & world today, they couldn’t think of anything else to cover in all three stories.

I was a nice 30 min. though w/out hearing Trump’s name…

Didn’t you get the memo?

The only real journalism on telly anymore is done by comedians.


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