This is what CNN has been for the last couple of days

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I was laugh/ crying about this the other night.

Also, made me think of this scene.


And this is why I no longer watch cable news channels. At all. They have to fill all that time with something, so they fill it with stuff like this. Meanwhile, there’s a WHOLE WORLD of stories out there for them to follow and report on, and… crickets.


LOL! well done sir
He shoulda sprinkled in a couple "This is fun!'s in there for 107% accuracy.


Ever since 911 cable news has become a constant noise generator.


“He’s not Carnival Personnel!”


This election story can be summed up as, “We’ll have an answer in a few days. In the meantime, here’s ads for some pills to deal with your existential dread.”


Well, this is just as I predicted, except, the other party won


I really hate it when they cover elecrions like they were sporting events. And then go crazy with statistics… as if they expect the viewers to care!

When the stakes are this high, covering it like it’s a sports game, is a lot like having a clown recite your covid fatalities… it’s in poor taste.


They don’t have any new, solid information to report, so they rehash what happened in the last election(s) and report hypotheticals like “IF Biden takes this state but NOT this other state, THEN blah blah blah.”

Fucking annoying and pointless.

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Now on to the splash animation of the “Breaking News” desk where we rehash the same thing we just said 3 mins ago


Exactly. It’s just not that complicated of a situation. We’re just waiting for NV, PA and GA to finish counting. If Biden wins one of those, and that’s looking likely, then he wins.

Anything else is exactly what you said on the last line of your post.

Edit to add: I don’t think I have ever been able to watch CNN for more than 5 minutes without feeling dumber for it.


And not just the coverage. The Repugs have very consciously reduced all their messaging to lizard-part-of-the-brain emotional responses that hit the same tribal ‘us versus them’ neural centers as home town sports fandom does. We’re increasingly a nation of 10 year olds. Devo called it a few decades ago. Idiocracy did the same more recently.


It’s worth noting that the head of CNN is Jeffrey Zucker, who used to be the head of NBC until he was fired for coming up with and leading the worst programming strategy in TV history.

Zucker was the mastermind behind dumping all five weeknights of programs from 10-11 and putting up hour after hour of Jay Leno instead. As everyone predicted, ratings tanked, advertisers rebelled, and local NBC affilliates freaked because their profitable 11:00 news programs saw a ratings plunge as viewers switched to other channels.

Zucker ended up paying Conan O’Brien $45 million to end his contract so Leno could return to the Tonight Show. The advertising loss, the cost of cancelling programs previously slotted for the 10 PM slot, and other costs were much, much higher than that.

But CNN thought hiring Zucker was a coup. And yet, he has failed to catch Fox and failed to bring on major new talent – Wolf Blitzer, who famously ended Celebrity Jeopardy thousands of dollars in the red and is dumber than a stump, somehow remains their top news anchor. There have been no major format changes under Zucker, and ad dollars are stagnant.

CNN is living proof that the news media is not out for the dollars and ratings. Zucker is proof that the business is something much more malignant than just profit.


and what do you feel after watching fox news for more than 5 minutes?


Every time the have Rick Santorum speak I want to reach through the screen and punch his lights out. He is sooooo useless.


Run up the numbers in a big dump!

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I applaud him! I recognize John King. (Steve Kornacki at MSNBC is similar, but yeah, this is very John King @CNN.)

I always imagine that there is a producer who tells him, “You have 10 minutes worth of information and only 45 seconds. Go!”

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