How cable TV news reports on viral videos

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Why cable TV news reports on viral videos

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From what I’ve watched, they cue the video up to just before the money shot, the news head starts reading then they roll it, but the lead-up context is missing so you don’t quite get what is going on. They they show the video almost from the start, and it is boring, nothing happening, yet news head still babbling … and just as the video gets to the money shot again, they cut away to another story.


They run these videos to appear time-relevant, hip and with it … except video is 8 days old and something new has since come along but your grandma watched it and thought it was funny.

I worked in TV news in my first career. These videos summarise some of the reasons I moved on. TV, whether broadcast or cable, is a horrible way to get your news, just as bad if not worse than using social media for that purpose.


Al these video’s about the way newscasters who talk in a certain way, would not be complete without a video of Perd, who talks in a certain way. I will link to this video now. Here is the video:

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Also, Charlie Brooker is an international treasure.


I can attest that newspapers are an equally horrible source. So, that leaves us with…I guess long form pieces that would take hours to read and even longer to digest. Eff that, I’m off to play Fortnite!

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