Infographic about kinds of TV shows




He covered the movies back in August:


This must be specific to UK shows. Here in the US we get the awkward banter throughout the news programs.


Moreover, those twelve minutes of football are rather evenly spread throughout the three hour plus block.


Also, gossip first, then relevant info, then more gossip, at least most of the time.


And the relevant info is going to be cut due to budget constraints and lack of ratings.


And, actually, it’s more like:

(every 5 minutes, starting from the headlines): “Is your pillow trying kill you? We’ll have the surprising answer, coming up.”

Then at about 45 minutes in: “Is your pillow trying kill you? No, not really, but there is a very minor risk in very specific circumstances that you might want to be aware of.”


This is so clever I want to share it with my son, but he won’t get it. In his sixteen years he’s probably seen ten hours of TV.


“Someone gets a letter” Ha!


oops, nm


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