TV news reporter obsessed with Pokemon Go walks in front of weather guy on live TV


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Okay, I’m sorry to be that seal, but…


Yeah, local morning news shows are typically a lot more bubbly than regular po-faced newscasts. They do exactly this kind of thing all the time.


@xeni I kinda wish this post had a title…


Hey! Blank Lines Matter!


This is a gag. On air talent may not always be MENSA folk, but they aren’t morons.


I like the headline, not clickbaity, unagitated and smooth. refreshing in the times of over-the-top titles


What’s Pokemon?


The morning crew on Detroit’s NBC affiliate would totally do something like this as a gag.


This game would be a lot better if they’d replace the Pokeballs with a shotgun.


I was gonna suggest it was a paid advertising stunt but then realized that whoever made that game doesn’t need to pay a dime for advertising.


Vital viral marketing?


This was fake but an old classmate of mine who now works at Angie’s List was trying to catch a Jynx at work when he realized he was walking by Angie. At least he was on lunch.


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