Even mild coronavirus cases can lead to brain damage, say doctors


Cool. Because brain damage also causes Covid.
OK, maybe not “damage” so much, but disuse.



I also heard that there had been some cases of healthy adults showing symptoms of diabetes after recovering from COVID. Of course it is early and this is unconfirmed.

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The video description has a long list of source links for further research.


Maybe if I post that on the door of my business people will wear their mask!



Glad to be of service


Right, but that’s not this. It’s true that the disease causes low oxygen levels in sufferers even before they have difficulty breathing, which may be causing organ damage (including brain damage), but it’s become clear the virus attacks the nervous system directly. Neurological symptoms are sometimes the only - or first - symptom, or occur well after breathing issues have been addressed. There’s direct evidence of inflammation of the brain and nervous system. Plus, of course, the virus causes blot clots that in turn cause strokes, so there’s that, too. So there’s absolutely the indirect impact on the brain and other organs due to low oxygen and clots, but the virus is directly damaging those various organs as well.


Closer in spirit to the George Romero zombie movies though. They were about mindless consumerism and allowing yourself to be controlled.


Slightly longer article than the one linked to in the post …


COVID for president! Oh wait… We have that now :frowning:


Terrific round up of some key points by the NYT in the Daily podcast a coupla days ago. Attempted tl/dr:

  1. It’s a blood vessel disease and not a “lung disease” like the flu. This explains why it is wreaking all kinds of havoc on everything in the body and differs per individual.

  2. It is really comparatively not so infectious outdoors. You are at greater danger indoors with masks than outdoors with social distancing. This factors in analysis of where there have been large protests and the expected rise in cases did not happen.

  3. Young kids don’t appear to be the points of origin. So if they get it, it is usually from being in close quarters from older family members and almost never the other way around. It does appear to be a relatively safe step to have the youngest kids start socializing, suggesting schools maybe yeah, but then you have to make sure the adults aren’t hanging out in the teachers lounges etc.

  4. The Wuhan strain isn’t the one blazing through the southern US now. This current strain evolved in Italy. It has a longer/more effective spike for brute force entry into cells. So the Italian strain could potentially push the Wuhan strain out of the way, and it could also flare out faster because it is moving so quickly, but after doing quite a bit of damage. 100,000 new US cases a day may be a low projection.


A few months ago a question was raised on another board, to guesstimate how many COVID deaths in USA in 2020. My guess is a million and I stand by that.

One problem: without massive testing, we don’t know infection or death rates. We’ll eventually know excess death rates – how many more died in 2020 than 2019? That will be COVID’s toll even if not the direct cause.

Alas, we’ve a president showing signs of brain damage without COVID infection. Life isn’t fair. :frowning:


I had guessed “equal to deaths from all US wars combined” meaning US soldiers. Combat deaths are about 660,000. Someone said “that’s ludicrous” (referencing a different stat closer to a million - I think they were thinking the actual outcome would be way lower than what’s occurred since). I thought, well here’s the current stats and infection rates and fatality rates so push that out and considering there’s still no vaccine for the other strains, maybe not so ludicrous.

Also it has come back to me, after all the effing heat this week, that there were big bets that it was going to go away in the summer. I think summer’s officially here and it’s officially not going away.


This popped to mind as I processed this news. There was an outbreak of “encephalitis lethargica” following the 1918 pandemic (memorialized in the book and movie Awakenings) which has never been really well explained. Not necessarily associating the two illnesses, Covid-19 is very different from 1918 influenza, but both were associated with tremendous inflammatory responses and subsequent neurological deterioration. Dark thoughts…



Looking at all the maskless people it would seem that mild brain damage can lead to COVID-19, too.


Meh. That’s not terror.

If you want real terror, think about this question:

What happens the second time you catch it?


Just now learning this.


ME/CFS is thought to be triggered by viral infection as well. Given what some people are describing weeks, even months out… I think we can safely say this thing has the potential to drastically change the world.


I have had other adult men confront me in places like gas stations for wearing a mask. I was trained to choke people to death. I look like I could choke someone to death and still older male derangement syndrome is persisting. I have not had to kill anyone yet but this thing is just getting going.

A local gas station attendant has told me she has been spit on and had diapers thrown at her because their outdoor access bathroom is closed at the chevron station.

People want to die miserable deaths and possible be choked to death in public these days. Over what exactly?