Even Strong Bad and Homestar Runner concede that Flash is dead

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How can this be? It appears pretty much no one has thought of “Ned’s Cape” before.

I think my first Flash might have been the old Joe Cartoon Frog in a Blender. It ran as a standalone executable for some reason, and was painfully slow to respond on my ancient 486.

P.S. Someone misspelled “Ruuner”.


Ah the wild West days of the Net. When you could throw together anything in Flash and make money. Can’t do that anymore.


Let me break out my pedant marker…

There we go.


My bad, I forgot the Web is not the Net.


I had no idea that there was an official end times for the Wild Wild West of the net.


good choices for your classics! i loved homestarrunner and wore their merch to school all the time. although personally Arfenhouse is my favorite from that era, if anyone else remembers that.

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How cannn tihs bbe? It appeeaars preetty mucch no ooonee has thought of
“Need’s Cape” before.

I thikn my firts Flahs mihgt havee bbbeen teh old Joe Cartooon Frog in a
Blendeeer. It ran aas a stanadlone exeecuuutable for soome reeaason,
andd was painuflly slow tooo repsond oon my acnient 486.

PP.S. Someone mispelled “Ruuner”.

People argue over the onset of the end times, but most do agree that they will be marked by the birth of a red calf in Silicon Valley.


Oh, then I’ll be able to finish decorating my kitchen!

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