Even the trailer for the new Pet Sematary movie gives me the creeps


Hey, it looks like the middle child grew up to become George Osborne.


Jesus, what’s wrong with his legs?

He looks like an Auton with a buggy version of the stance-control software.


I think if that song isn’t in the film they have failed.


BB has a post JUST for this question!



Wait, little kids wearing animal masks and tin drums are a thing?

Let’s play Hide and Clap!


Looks boringly typical. The original movie was, at least, so not scary that it was actually pretty hilarious. I can see why they felt the need to remake it, but I’d rather watch an amusingly bad horror movie than an uninspired by-the-numbers remake that contributes nothing original or interesting. I’m sure the book is actually scary, and I look forward to reading it… in a year or two, once I get through my gargantuan “to-read” pile. :frowning:


What I want to see if the film made from the point of view of the evil characters : what they DO all day ; organising the scaring of the protagonists; mealtimes; arguments, finding clothes to wear…


I’ve wondered if the book may have taken some initial inspiration from a near incident with one of King’s own children and that’s why he found it so disturbing.


I was also fairly underwhelmed by the original. The book is one of King’s best.


The horror and sheer dread the main character felt as he watches his son die, and then come back different, and then he just keeps compounding on that huge mistake… that can’t be adequately conveyed on film, I don’t think.


I recently re-read the book (on audiobook actually) and then re-watched the original film. Both are still unsettling, and I have been a horror book/film fan since the 1960s. This trailer, if it reflects the final product, does not bode well for the release. I hope it’s just a poorly made piece, but the tenor of the trailer is amateurish.


If I remember correctly, it did. His son (I think) ran off as a toddler towards the busy road; King caught the kid easily and long before he was anywhere near the road. But, being a horror writer as well as a father, he started thinking about “What if…”, and the story grew out from there.



I fucking love this movie. I saw this on a lark ages ago, me and some friends rented it because it looked terrible and we planned to drink and make fun of it. Joke was on us and it was awesome. I don’t think anyone saw this movie, i bring it up on occasion and usually people have never heard of it.


Zombie Ramones would be totally cool.


A long-standing British tradition.



The new version of The Haunting of Hill House looks like it might be something you’d like, then.

The original book is superb, as is the rest of Shirley Jackson’s work.


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