Trailer for Stephen King's It (2017)


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Somehow… i have not only not seen the Tim Curry version… I have also not read it. Despite reading nothing but Mr. King novels last year.

Anyone want to do a book club? :slight_smile:


Actually, it’s a feature film, Bill Skarsgård gets the clown face. apparently, part 1 later this year is set in 1989, and features the characters as children, part 2 coming "really soon now’ gets them together in the present…I have to say that it looks pretty well-staged!


It’s quite the novel, one of King’s better works imho. The Tim Curry movie was kind of silly and missed the overall sense of dread that the book has. If this trailer is anything to go by, the new movies will match the book’s atmosphere much better


Gotta nope out on this one. Read it when I was 12 or 13, still remember it pretty vividly. This trailer brought it all crashing back down on me. It seems to me this remake will be much more true to the novel.

Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me.


I’ve read less than a handful of King books, including On Writing which I read for another book club earlier this year, but I’ve had many friends recommend his books and say, “Your humor is so dark and twisted I just assumed you were a fan”–which is a wonderful compliment–that I feel I should change that.

So, yeah, I’m in, and thank you for a great idea!


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terrifyingly creepy and feels very Stranger Things-ish


I read it years ago and the book was a bit of a chore. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, there’s some genuine creepy moments in the story but it’s nowhere near his best works. But that’s my personal take on it, someone else may give it a better endorsement.

The mini-series with Tim Curry isn’t good, it’s pretty dull and kinda cheesy. Plus it cuts huge sections of the story.

Also there’s some bits later in the book with some really awkward writing from King with the protagonists being trapped in a sewer system that i’d rather not ever have to read again in my life.


[quote=“SpunkyTWS, post:6, topic:97997”]
On Writing which I read for another book club earlier this year
[/quote] On Writing is probably one of my favorite books King has written. I rather like knowing his writing process and getting tid bits of him growing up, how he made it big, struggled with drugs, etc. I really wish he’d do a follow up book similar to it.


I would really recommend reading the book before seeing anything. It’s been a long time but I recall it having such an atmosphere that I’d have a chilly creep I couldn’t shake for a while after putting it down each time. King doing his best. Wouldn’t trade that for the world.

The Tim Curry version is a 17 year old TV miniseries and all you’d expect from that. The only really interesting part being Tim Curry.


That’s IT in a nutshell. 500 pages of awesome surrounded by 600 pages of crap




I read it twice, with about 20 years in between readings, and found it very entertaining both times.


I may have to re-read it at some point, it’s been quite some time since i first did so. I still don’t think IT is one of his better books, but if i enjoy it more after a 2nd reading then cool :slight_smile:

Though i’m currently behind on his stuff, there’s at least 5 books of his that came out in the last 6 years or so i really want to get to.


I’m not on a mission to read every King book in existence, but of the ones I have read, IT is probably my favourite. I also really liked Salem’s Lot. Atmosphere is the biggest thing IT has going for it i.m.o.


Salem’s Lot is really solid, it’s a really good classic vampire tale. The Shining is also up there for me, and his short story for The Mist is rather good. Carrie is a short read but also a very good one.

If you want to see something a bit different from King i’d perhaps recommend The Dragon’s Eye, which is a straight fantasy novel he wrote. It’s got a dash of the Man in the Iron mask in the plot but i enjoyed it :slight_smile: Though i read that in high school so i wonder how it holds up to what i recall.




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