What Pennywise looks like in the IT remake


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Holy shit. I mean Tim Curry was pretty scary as Pennywise but this new one is goddamn terrifying.


Tim Curry seems way more creepy to me, the new Pennywise is too obviously not a clown, Curry was just enough like a real clown to really give me the heebee-jeebees at all future circuses.


Looks like he’s trying too hard. Not scary.




Yes, and yes.


The question is, can the new one sing Sweet Transvestite?





Only Tim Curry knows it’s lonely at the top.


snort/laugh Right. Riiight.

Oh no, don’t mind me. You’re awesome. I’m sure you’ll do do fine, and don’t mind me over here mentally shelving you alongside the new Robocop, the new Nightmare on Elm Street, the new Godzilla, the new Total Recall, the new Pink Panther, the new Superman, the new Planet of the Apes, etc etc et-goddamn-cetera.


Looks way too much like a scary clown rather than a clown who turns out to be scary.

I’d have to reread the book but I thought he was supposed to look like a clown more than a monster.


To be fair, only kids were able to see Pennywise, in ANY incarnation. It does stand to reason that IT would adopt the façade of a clown, in order to fool it’s intended prey.


The book also features a scene with a preteen gang bang so I’m not sure accuracy to the source material is going to be paramount.


I think it was more like a train, than an actual “bang,” but maybe that’s just me being picky.


I’d moan about yet another remake disrespecting the source material, but the original TV movie was pretty terrible and not at all scary to begin with, so maybe this one will actually be an improvement, even if the clown looks… iffy. I really liked the book (weird, superfluous child sex scene aside), but I think it might be impossible to capture very well on film, partly because of the book’s length and partly because of the same hard-to-grasp flavor of horror that eludes every Lovecraft film adaptation.


For what it’s worth, the new Planet of the Apes is in no way a remake, and both movies were excellent.


Please don’t tell me you’re referring to:


Still hoping for that IT/The IT Crowd crossover.


Yes, but I don’t think the clown pictured above would fool any child.

Maybe this isn’t how he usually looks though. I’ll watch the new IT if I get a chance.