Even the trailer for the new Pet Sematary movie gives me the creeps


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I think trailers for horror films are supposed to be creepy.


Hey, Pet Sematary, can we please have our Ramones back?


No. I stumbled across the trailer while on YT last night, watched it with my 10 year old. It did not give me the creeps at all. Was quite disappointed at the end, spent the entire 2+ minutes waiting for the creepy parts. Wondered what’s so creepy about a big rig tanker truck passing by the driveway of the house. For some reason, it spooked the story’s family, but not me. My 10 year old said he got scared, but ended up sleeping in his own bed all night. He was not creeped out.

The movie, the story, I’m sure are fine. But the trailer… not creepy.


Yeah, the trailer did not live up to the advance billing. I hope the movie will be better - but I will not be going.

I remember seeing the original movie in a theater with a friend back in the day. It put me off horror films for a long time after. I never want to have that creeping, horrible, helpless feeling again.


Pet Sematary is still the scariest book I have ever read. As a 13 year old it scared the ever-loving shit out of me.

The way King described the death of the little boy and the father’s turmoil is probably the most horrific part of all.


Yet another remake of an 80’s horror movie?


I think that maybe the shackles of creativity are forged from sheckles …


The trailer, and presumably the movie, relies on some worn out cheap tricks to increase the spoopy factor. The shitty jump scare with the semi, the “hey let’s make this super creepy by having a person turn their head fast or in a weird glitchy way”, and more.

The movie might end up being decent and i genuinely hope it is, but a lot of what i saw on the trailer there’s a lot of gimmicks being used. I prefer movies that rely less on visual gimmicks and focus letting the story drive the creep factor.


The tanker wasn’t meant to be creepy per se. It was a deliberate jump scare (which I fell for), as well as foreshadowing



I wanted to say, “Sometimes, dead is better…” but yeah, I would like them back too.


So you would call the current state of the movie industry a shekel shackle debacle?


Nothing tops the novel for that; Pet Sematary was a damn creepy read.


I found an old copy of PS in a thrift store about 18 years ago and read it while my wife was shopping (She’s a thorough shopper and I’m a fast reader).

I have never been so riveted to and horrified by a book before or since. It changed me. My wife kept asking me what was wrong the rest of the day.

I watched the trailer. It looks amazing, but its a big nooooope from me.

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I find King’s feelings questioning his own writing as strange. It’s a book… it’s fiction… it’s spooky. It’s intended to be unsettling. It’s not real. If he didn’t want it to be published, perhaps he shouldn’t have written it. I think it was marketing hyperbole at the time and perhaps even now.


Because Jack Black said so? I dunno.


If I remember correctly the Pet Sematary would be the way to do it.

As in Star Trek; “Separate the saucer section!”
… so in
X-Files; “Exhume the corpses!”


I enjoy horror in film and print but (except for a few prominent (well) exceptions) not King.

I think I’ve finally figured out how to say it.
In all but his best works he fails to convey a sense of place.
You, as he, may not think that it matters much… I really do.


Not a fan of the kids-in-artisanal-Etsy-masks thing. THIS is what kids in masks SHOULD look like:


I read it ages ago and honestly don’t remember much about it (don’t take that as a criticism of the story, i just legitimately don’t remember it as i was reading heavily during a time i was suffering from insomnia). The Shining for me low-key traumatized me over how scary i found it at the time.