Even when a Chicago cop is convicted of wrongdoing, a secret appeals court usually overturns it


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As usual, the law is above the law.



And they say Government isn’t efficient.


Why do you want the criminals to win? Why? Just because you hate freedom, or is it apple pie too?


It’s just a few million bad apples.


I wish an apple a day kept the cops away.


Oh, it’s even worse than that. I was just reading about how the coroner system works in the US. Apparently these untrained, elected government workers who investigate deaths and sign off on cause of death are not only vulnerable to influence and bias, but apparently can also be completely over-ruled by local law enforcement. So there’s a big problem in the US of cases where the coroner rules that a death in police custody was a homicide due to, say, blunt force trauma and asphyxiation, and the local sheriff crosses that out and puts in “accidental death.” They’re not just above the law, they’re outside reality itself.


Chicago has had one-party rule longer than had the Soviet Union.


I would Heart your comment, but I just can’t.


Yeah. The more I read about this stuff, I’m completely horrified but not really shocked, because it explains how law enforcement got so completely fucked up in this country. We simply don’t have anything like a functional system of law enforcement. It’s going to require nothing less than a massive, federal-level overhaul from bottom to top to be elevated to just “awful.”



Seems to me the criminals are winning here. It’s just that they wear blue uniforms and badges.


Uhhh huhhhh. . . .

The idea that a Republican mayor would make this problem go away just sounds . . . “hinky”


Ah, but a Libertarian mayor, now that wouldn’t be hinky. It’d be downright hunky dory!

(Nothing like roving bands of profit-driven mercenaries to make a citizenry feel safe and secure, amirite?)


Chicago’s been a rigged town since at least it’s inception. And people are just not surprised by this?


We arming criminals and giving them badges. And the city of Chicago puts up with it.


The police are terrible at solving crime in the wild, it only makes sense that they’d be worse at solving their own…


Why would a libertarian pay for that? Let the gangs sort it all out. The libertarian mayor is perfectly safe in their concrete compound with a few guards. He got his, fuck you.


Some sort of revolutionary mechanism of change, perhaps?


As is the current mayor…oops, let me correct that, the taxpayers provide his guards.