Everyone needs a kitchen hammer

It won’t surprise me for a bit if, at the end of all, Thor would come out as a woman.
Pretty cool I would think. Apart from the ‘at the end of all’ bit.

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Oh wow, lol, I had no idea :slight_smile:

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What y’all seem to be searching for is a kitchen hatchet…
A nice roofer’s hatchet looks like it would suffice.


It’s all about Jane Foster now…



I prefer a kitchen warhammer. It makes short work of plate armor.


Right. I’ve made very similar mallets out of a scrap piece of 2x4, for tasks like hammering a knife through things (the best way to neatly cut rope) and driving garden stakes, but those are jobs where I don’t worry about splinters flying. Hardwood or just a rubber mallet would be better in the kitchen.

Booooringgggg.:grinning: But also, if you only want to use part of the item, chopping it apart is better than thawing/refreezing the rest.

What is often called a Chinese cleaver is something like this

which is actually a Chinese chef’s knife (wooden handle, thin blade), not suitable for hammering.

An actual Chinese cleaver looks like this:

One piece of steel, much heavier construction, and cheap enough that you can flail away with abandon.



Watch your fingers!

Or his fingers! Gosh I know Martin Yan is a bit campy but still…

I have the chef’s knife… it’s the “slicer” kind mentioned in the video below, and it’s nimble and sharp:

Adam Liaw is spot-on about keeping them sharp.

A good Chinese knife-cleaver-thing really quite versatile and replaces so many other knives in the kitchen. Garlic press. Paring knife. Etc.:

We don’t have much need for hammers. A thick short board (2"x4") generally suffices where the bottom of a coffee mug will not.

Ouch! That poor folded steel cleaver! Such a big divot!



Not all Chinese style meat cleavers are all metal. Many of them are barely distinguishable from western styles… And not all all metal ones are for meat use, plenty of cheap veg/chef knives with that handle style. What your looking for is a heavy crazy thick blade, with all metal handle or a big fat full tang.

And if that’s a Shun there’s a decent chance that sort of damage came from using it on a tomato. Or just looking at it wrong.

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It is a good thing the Scandinavians aren’t touchy about portrayals of their deities. Could you imagine remaking The 10 Commandments with Sigourney Weaver as Moses? Lisa Bonet as Jesus in The Greatest Story Ever Told? Salma Hayek as Muhammad in, um, somewhere?

This deserves far more likes. In the meantime, here are some hearts: :heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

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Perhaps, but there’s a debatable difference between the classic Norse deity and the comic book character.

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Sure. Likewise the classic Islamic deity and the comic character in Jyllands-Posten.

It’s OK. Thrymskvida (Þrymskviða) did it first.


“Thrym…the stupidest of the Giants.” - Padraic Colum

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I liked this post in annoyance at the quality of this terrible terrible pun. Well played. :angry: :laughing: