Everything is a broken computer


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But at least the scale is running Linux (and the window manager – is that FVWM? Haven’t seen that for a while – like twenty years) rather than the more typical Windows crash screens I usually see.


Wouldn’t a mechanical scale be better in almost every weigh?


On mass, pound for pound, I think it would be worth every ounce.


my assumption is…to have mechanical scales takes up space and is now connected to the way the items come pre-packed so pre-weighed


Possibly. Could also possibly be motif.



It seems like you wouldn’t need scales for pre-packaged, pre-weighed products.


Only trust


No no no. In order to operate a physical scale, one must be able not only to read the output, but actually multiply the price. You have any idea how much it costs to hire people with basic math skills? Business in the US. became foolproof decades ago.


Only if one happens to have some French peas that need weighing in ounces. (Even though the French weigh them in grams.)

Which translates …


It is how they verify that what you scanned is what you put in your bag. That being said, i’ve never had any luck in self checkout, weight wise, the thing always beeps and the sad frustrated cashier guard has to override my scale. every time. i must have a super power that affects product weights.


One of the major grocery store chains here has self-check stands. I have almost never seen someone successfully complete checkout on one without needing store clerk intervention. I’d like to be able to override them myself.


jalapeño not jalopeno


As someone who uses a checkout machine professionally, having it run on Unix doesn’t mean it is stable either.


Why does a scale seem to have Gimp installed? (Or the gimp icon anyway; it’s labeled v-keyboard…) I’m guessing that firefox is there for the actual UI.


Except for these malfunctioning computerized scales.


You better bring your own scales, then.


I have a collection of photos showing the computers that operate the various “machines” around us malfunctioning. I have a photo of a bin on Fenchurch Street declaring it’s hard drive is FSCK’d. Another shows a ticket machine inside Fenchurch Street train station complaining that it’s copy of Windows isn’t genuine. My favourite one was the enormous advertising board near the Archway cutting with half it’s display space taken up by the TeamViewer client, declaring to the world what it’s access token was at that moment. Shame it’s in a 4G dead spot :wink:


FVWM2 I’m pretty sure.