Everything you wanted to know about eel farming, but were afraid to ask


Buzzfeed has actually been doing great long-form work for a while now, glad to see them getting more recognition for it! There’s a big list of their stuff at http://www.buzzfeed.com/longform

I can see it coming: ‘Breaking Eel: slippery, disgusting, raw. And that’s just the fish.’

There’s really two BuzzFeeds: visual-listicle BuzzFeed and longform analysis BuzzFeed. I thought the quality of the former took a steep dive around the time Ben Smith took over, but the latter more than compensates.

There goes another one of my favorite foods I’m going to have to give up. Thanks anyway, Buzzfeed.

The subject was great; the article itself, well, apparently this writer was being paid by the word. It rambles, meanders, forgets to have a point after a while. But I was at least made aware on what’s up with eels and fishermen these days. Which begs the question: what do we plebeians do about this? I assume, in the short term, we should stop ordering eel sushi.

While generally awful, there are a few gems on Buzzfeed if you dig deep enough. Mark Duffy, AKA Copyranter, moved there a while back and has his own channel. He’s got a lot of scathing commentary about ads and knows his stuff.
Check him out at http://www.buzzfeed.com/copyranter

You also get elvers in the rivers here in Somerset in the uk. Small fortunes can be made catching elvers on a dark autumn evening that got to the far eastern market

Personally I think that elvers are best fried alive in bacon fat and eaten with scrambled eggs for breakfast which is the traditional way to eat them around here.

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