Everything you wanted to know about 'Star Wars: The Lost Cut'

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Sounds like the George Lucas cut was hard to watch, but luckily he had a very talented wife, Marcia Lou Griffin, as well as the rest of his team, who help make the movie shine.

Back when you could tell George “No. Bad George!” and change something. The films were better for it.

Also - TROOPS is one of the early fan films, and IMO, still one of the best. I remember scrambling with friends online to find a good resolution copy and then wait forever to download it over 56k.


Agreed. Its really well done for its time, and its pretty much part of my head canon at this point.
(Gotta love that Tom Servo cameo as well.)


This is so much better than sitting through an entire screening of the lost cut.

It also fuels the alternate version of the story, where Ben is not misleading Luke at all, where Vader and Luke’s father are two very distinct characters, and the rest of the series doesn’t devolve into the Anakin show.

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