"Evil clown" sought in robbery


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/16/evil-clown-sought-in-robbe.html




“Evil clown”

Somehow, I feel a “good clown” would make the whole thing even worse.


Good clowns gone bad:



That was never a good clown.


The stills here look like a (bad) video game render.


It takes two men and an evil clowin to steal one iPhone? Lucky he didn’t have a Gameboy too, they would have had to call in some Elvis impersonators.


Strongarm lesson number 3: Stick with neutral tones for your clothing. Never wear your most recognizable outfit when committing a crime.


Maybe it actually fools the surveillance cameras, like the ugly T-Shirt from the William Gibson novel.


Are you sure this isn’t a SIMS screenshot?


Witness reports indicate he had tiny hands and ran away to hide in a big white house.


I thought he hadn’t Tweeted in a while!


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