Evil clown stalks Northampton, England


All right, Mr. Curry. For this you are forgiven for McHale’s Navy.

Alan Moore performance art project?

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James Franco is everywhere.

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Yes. He’s a Local Clown, for Local People.


Do those balloons float?


This reminded me of this story.

I remember reading about it in a book, possibly by Loren Coleman, when I was a teen crypto enthusiast. It had a lot to do with the “Bridgewater Triangle” in MA (iirc) that’s a big chunk of the state with lots of odd goings on. (I could be blending several books together, however).

Now would be a great time to do a study on how collective insomnia can affect the functioning of an entire community…

Happened to me once: https://vimeo.com/daveblair/sweetclownofmine

Wait, is this the same area that brought us Evil Fake Bieber?

Oh yes, indeed they do. They float! And there’s cotton candy…

Seems like it’s someone making the world a weirder place, one shattered psyche at a time.

Probably cheaper than mailing bobcats to ebayers.

Prelude to a Juggalo invasion.

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I suspect this circus performer is being looked for by the Scarfolk council.

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