Evil Fake Bieber jailed


Dear life: feel free to imitate the Onion, but please not like this.

Could we not bandy about words like “evil” in headlines? I know the state of modern journalism is pretty shabby, but that shouldn’t be an invitation to follow suit.

(Point of Note: no I do not condone the acts of the child predator; no I’m not interested in arguing about what is and is not evil; this is purely a comment on journalistic values and practices, please don’t bother responding except in that context.) :stuck_out_tongue:

It is indeed most fortuitous news that this guy has been brought to justice but I’d like to know when the real Justin Bieber will be jailed for 14 years for tricking children into buying crap music … :smile:

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Not being a journalist, I didn’t know there were words that were considered inappropriate. I mean, it’s obviously wrong to call right-wing politicians evil, regardless of their conduct, but I thought accused criminals were fair game? Do the same standards apply to both the graduates of prestigious J-schools and cheeto-eating bloggers?

EDIT: Ohhhhhhh I see how it works! It would be wrong to call a convicted child molester evil, but that poor clown is evil simply because of his appearance. Will nobody speak up for the clowns?

Real Evil Bieber still on the lam.

Shouldn’t we be addressing the real root cause here, by launching Actual Justin Bieber into the sun, releasing our besotted young girls from his soul-sucking vampire trance?

Will the real Evil Bieber please stand up?

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