Surveillance captured Bieber eggscapade


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Gosh did they say who his crush is?

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He’s going to propose to his future wife in central park.


I’ve been listening to his new song Hard2FaceReality all weekend and feel terrible for him. I wish the press would just leave him alone to grieve.

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SHOCKED! Shocked to find out there has been Egg Throwing in and around this establishment. “Monsieur your eggs” Merci…

I think I was about 28-29 when I last egged something. Put in the right circumstances even now at 35 I might egg something.

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I find it hysterical that will all the crap he did in that neighborhood this what they got him with.

By the way has anyone ever seen a breakdown on these “thousands of dollars of damages.” been reading that for months now, but I have never actually seen any attempt to explain what the damages were. I’m all for using any excuse you can to go after a shitty nuisance neighbor, but I hope they are not inflating the damages to inflate the charges.


I beliebe his end is near. A year or so?


I lasted 21 seconds listening to that.

The white community really should come together and do something about this.


Can we just race to the end of this story with its tragic auto-erotic asphyxiation finale (sorry, spoilers!) or do we have to sit through the whole damn thing?


You are just tormenting Plasmafells, aren’t you?


It shows a serious lack of imagination, that with his money that’s how he gets his kicks.

I actually made it a few more seconds than you. I just had to find out. Also, Poo Bear? Really??!

There’s a breakdown on the TMZ story - which was one of the (if not the very first) places to break the news about the incident. Basically, the whole front of the house needs to be re-plastered with Venetian plaster, whatever that is (I guess it’s expensive!), and there’s a bunch of doors/entryways that need to be re-stained as well. I imagine the $20k figure is likely overblown, but at the same time when you’re that rich, you want your house to be PERFECT, so you’re going to spend whatever it takes.

Venetian plaster is not like normal plaster. Oh, no. It’s plaster that has marble dust mixed in to give it an understated luster. When polished - generally by hand with beeswax, no less - it has a beautiful “internal glow”, if you’ll pardon the poeticalness (making up words, now).

No, I’m not making this up. It’s expensive as Beschizza.


Embarrassed to admit this but when I was a kid I egged my next door neighbor’s house. My Dad found out, made me go over and apologize and then had me clean it up while my friends watched. I’m waiting for Bieb’s Dad to do the same thing…

In other words - totally, utterly unsuited to use on the exterior of a house. They might as well have finished the outside of the house in shot silk…


No, no, that’s for the undercoat. Gawd, you must shop at Crate and Barrel…and you probably dial 9-1-1, too, you plebian!

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