Tobias Strebel, who underwent plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber, found dead

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Justin who?


He’s that kid who kind of looks like Tobias Strebel? He had a few songs that did all right.


But was he eaten by badgers?

This story was sad when it first ran, now it’s tragic.

No jokes to be made.


Yeah. Poor guy really fucked up his face to try and look like a celebrity, ended up looking like someone from the uncanny valley and now…


I don’t really have anything else to say but: sad.


Every time I hear a story in the same vein as this–person does something kind of odd, dies too soon–i kiss my wife and animals.


Yet another reason to avoid Justin Bieber and Motel 6.

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I’ve stayed at many a Motel 6. There are worse places to expire.


What a shame. All that money down the drain and he didn’t look any better, just different.

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I suspect this is not really a case of wanting to look better or Bieber, so much as its a case of a particular sort of body dysmorphia, which is associated with high rates of depression and suicide. No amount of plastic surgery is going to solve those issues.


Classy thread.

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I am no shrink but it’s likely a case of ‘I’d rather be anyone but me.’ Kinda like that guy that wanted to look like ken, or the girl that wanted to look like barbie I’d seen on TV a few times (completewith professionals begging both to seek psychiatric treatment.)

I’m not in a joking mood about this guy dying. Sure he wanted to look like someone I think is an overhyped asshole, but that’s not the point. HE WANTED TO BE SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HIS LIFE WAS THAT SHITTY.

And now he’s dead. Laugh all you people want. A man’s dead and likely without ever being anything remotely happy or even able to properly look at himself in the mirror without feeling shame and revulsion.

Laugh I say. Laugh.


If you have a choice between laugh and cry, pick the first.

The world as a whole is one big lousy recycled joke.

Still no details on cause of death that I can find. They found drugs in the room, but no mention on if that was the cause of death. Sad all around.

Well, there’s laughing at the world and there’s laughing at the victims of that world.

This fits into the latter category.

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I don’t see people on this thread laughing at him. I think we’re all aware that this is a sad situation, not just that he died young but also that he didn’t seem to be happy with himself during life.

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Someone out there is inevitably already making the joke that zomg it was actually Bieber who died and he has gone on to take Bieber’s place, but … no, just looking at the pic ruins whatever potential that might have had.

Fairly directly, they’re laughing at his situation / fate, or abstractly cracking wise at “people like him”. Which is still at his expense and those in the same state, not the world’s expense.

The sad part is that I could only tell which was the before pic after a while of staring. I seriously wonder how weak and inefficient the ethics boards are for that industry.

Perhaps they’re too busy going after worse members :frowning:

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In part, there are certainly cosmetic surgeons in the world who will change you any way you want, no questions asked. Some competent artists, some deadly inept.

On the other hand, it’s not clear to me when people’s self-determination to modify their bodies should be curtailed.