Tasteless in-game joke, 8 years in prison

Justin Carter was an 18-year-old who made a joke about shooting kids while playing the MOBA “League of Legends” (he followed that with “lol” and “jk”). A Canadian player looked up his address and reported him to the police, who arrested him for making terrorist threats. He’s been in jail since March, and faces up… READ THE REST

You have to love sensationalism though. What is a “violent joke” ?

Yes, let’s arrest every teenager who says violent things. This will help to prepare us when violence actually takes place.

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Put Glenn Danzig behind bars before he starts harvesting our skulls!

Who wants to be the idiot who didn’t stop him while it was still possible!


I see a mix of “this is crazy” and “the kid’s a dumbass” on the different sites where I’ve read about this.

Just to be clear, eight years in prison is a long fucking time. Shit, a life can be destroyed in the three months he’s already been in prison. Thinking that sending this kid to jail for any length of time because he made a joke is INSANE.

Let me tell a little story:

When I was twelve, a cousin of mine stole a .22 caliber rifle from one of his friends. He chopped the ends off to make it concealable and brought it to a party. When his best friend tried to get him to go home and get rid of it, my cousin, trying to look manly… shot him in the heart by accident, killing him almost instantly.

He was sentenced to four years in prison.

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I KNEW there was a reason I felt safer these past few months.


Let this be a lesson to y’all… Never trust a Canadian!


Fucking Texas. This sort of thing is why nobody likes you.

Yeah, but that happened in America. In Merr’ka there is no 1st Amendment. So, 8 years for cracking a poorly thought out joke is totally proportional. /s

[edit] I’m sorry your cousin has suffered the unnecessary additional “justice” on top of the accidental death that always be with him . That’s an awful lot to live with.

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Lawdy. The amount of off-colour remarks I have made just today, I’m surprised I’m not already incarcerated and up for extradition in three directions at once…

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Was he there to save Sarah Conner from the machine sent to kill her and her unborn son?

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And I thought the Justice Tribunal was harsh. Sheesh.

WE have finally reached the place where every damn thing is Serious Business. They should also arrest everybody who responded to this terroristic threat with “LOL.” Clearly they despise freedom, children and America. And probably Canada too.

This is clearly protected speech. In order for it not to be protected, it would have to imply imminent lawless action and have some likeliness of occurring (the Brandenburg Test)


Unnecessarily misleading headline (again).

There must be more to this, jailing an 18 year old for making a joke, even in light of recent shootings does not even parse.

The US seem to have odd social policies.

  • too many crazy people, solution, chuck them in prison
  • too many guns, solution, chuck more people in prison
  • you happen to be born dark skinned in a poor neighbourhood, solution, chuck you in prison

They’re trying to build a prison,
They’re trying to build a prison,
They’re trying to build a prison, (for you and me to live in)

What is the law here? What is the standard of proof required to convict? I mean if you make a statement like that, it could be grounds for a search warrant or an investigation without infringing 1st amendment rights, yet how can simply making that statement be a crime in itself? The cops could search his place and determine if he’s likely to actually make good on that statement, then if it’s obviously just an inane comment, as it appears to be, they could drop the matter.

Sadly, it’s the people who are to blame, not the kid. When we allow hysteria to rule and governments to accumulate unchecked powers, this is what you get. Law enforcement loves this kind of stuff because it only adds to their power.

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Yes, I’d love to know the “side stuff,” if any… oh, and the demographics, just for kicks.

In my day it was the Youth of America that was going to the Dogs. Today it is America that is going to the Dogs.

This is as outrageous as the sidewalk caulker’s arrest.