Ex-CIA Dir. Brennan: I briefed Congress on Russian election interference, they didn't get 'importance and gravity'


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“Look, it turned out the way we wanted.”


they [TGOP] didn’t get ‘importance and gravity’

Yeah, that applies to like everything nowadays.


Are we surprised that the guy who ignored the Constitution in order to avoid appointing Obama’s pick for SCOTUS is the same guy that willingly let Trump collaborate with the Russians to win the election…

I know we are all very focused on how bad Donald Trump is, but I hope we have at least a small reserve of condemnation left for McConnell.


They understood perfectly.

When are folks going to acknowledge that none of this happened by mistake?


They certainly understand the importance of seizing and holding power. This seems to be their one guiding principle. I think it’s starting to dawn on them they backed the wrong horse. That’s why they’re descending into “civil war.” Will the first one to unequivocally denounce Trump come out a traitor or a hero?


“…it was ‘hardly news’”

Meaning “it’s no big deal” or “it’s not news, we know”?


“They didn’t get importance and gravity”
“Well, you know, gravity is just a theory” per the logic of not needing NOAA because “you just turn on the television and find out the weather” or bringing a snowball into Congress to illustrate that anthropogenic climate change is a hoax. So many people think they are right but they mistake it for their just being an asshole.


Could this have something to do with it?

GOP campaigns took $7.35 million from oligarch linked to Russia


Maybe they didn’t trust a guy who they knew hacked into their computers, supported torture and rendition, ran an extrajudicial assassination program, etc., to be a credible source of information about how decent people should feel about anything. Maybe we should take a page from that book and stop with the notion that such reprehensible people somehow became heroes after Trump entered office.




That’s what you took away from all of that?? And who is making him a hero?


These are guys who could watch The Manchurian Candidate and respond with “I don’t get it, why would Frank Sinatra’s character attempt to derail a sure-fire plan to put a Republican in the White House?”


I made a comment here that was apparently removed for containing an expletive. Just wanted to say I was paraphrasing a quote from the movie Idiocracy. It’s up to anyone who feels like it now to guess which one it might have been.


Just throw a special character into naughty words and suddenly they are polite! f!ckinA!


I’ve said it before: I believe that through the lens of history, McConnell will be viewed as a villain who undermined American democracy.
Trump will be seen as a dangerous clown, a rash that came into being by the scratching at the surface of American values & democracy that the GOP has been involved in for decades.


This guy furkin gets it.


I will live to piss on McConnell’s grave after he has denied me the right to piss anywhere else.


And the Republicans controlling the Republican Congress – the same party that has been working for voter disenfranchisement and rigged elections for years – would have cared about this why?
I guess the ex-DCI is just demonstrating the decades-old line that there’s precious little I in IC.


Not sure…