Russian real estate firm employee was mystery 8th person at Don. Jr.'s Trump Tower meeting


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That completes the Trump Collusion Tea Party.


C’mon, guys. It was just opposition research!


The whole “It was oppo research” as a rebuttal is so funny. The argument seems to be “but you guys, someone benefitted from these actions…what, do Democrats want it to be illegal to benefit? nanny-state pussies.”


The level of hand waving and ignorance here is just astounding. Even 45 doesn’t seem to get it.

What kind of mental calculus does it take to transform “being provided ‘very high level and sensitive information’ from agents of a foreign government” into “that’s politics! (cue laugh track)” – because I’d really like to know.


I think this is all a warning shot from the Russians. Trump had his meeting with Putin, and came away talking about the joint US/Russia cyber security initiative. Then grownups stepped in and he was forced to back away from it. As retaliation for that, and to remind Trump who he works for, the Russians prompted this information about Trump Jr.'s meeting to be released.

I think the Russians probably have a lot more things like this that they can reveal. Maybe even prostitutes peeing on hotel beds. It may not be worth what they think it is, though. Trump and 40% of the electorate seem to have a death grip on each other, regardless of everything.


i keep losing track of who all was there - fwiw / point of reference:

Veselnitskaya (the lawyer)
Akhmetshin (the lobbyist)
Kaveladze (the businessman)
Samachornov (the translator)
Goldstone (the PR clown)
Kushner (the senior advisor)
Manafort (the campaign chair)
Trump, Jr. (dingleberry)


Take the maximum dosage of Propecia for a couple of decades and it will all make sense to you. You might want to take testosterone injections daily, too.


It’s the equivalent of me describing a robbery as “earning money” and going on to say that everyone tries to earn money.

I was just using a knife, officer, everyone uses knives.


For the Russians, the whole point was to get all those people in a room together. The content of the meeting didn’t matter, and the pretext for the meeting only sort of mattered.


I think this is Steve Bannon getting Jared Kushner out of the picture.


Nonsense. We have yet to learn who the 9th, 10th, and 11th persons in the room were.


If there’s a dodgy quid being offered, it’s only natural that someone be present to keep an eye on the quo. Since over-priced real estate seems to be the currency used between Il Douche and his sleazy Russian oligarch pals (who are, of course, totally independent of Putin), who better to attend than this latest slimbeball?


I suspect it is the calculus of someone who reduces everything in the world to “This does/does not benefit me.”


Any bets that T Jr had T Daddy dialed in for conference call?


was he also there to hear about russian adoptions?


Don’t forget the Professor and Mary Ann.


Yeah, but he was just there to “make sure the meeting happened.”

Which… huh?


Kaveladze is a Georgian last name. I have it on good authority from the Georgians I know that Georgian developers are super fucked. Totally mobbed up and chiefly in the business of erecting crumbling fake buildings to launder money for the Georgian and Russian government’s excess of corrupt politicians.

Seems appropriate the Trumps would know a few.


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