Ex-NSA director jokes of placing Edward Snowden on kill list, Rep. Mike Rogers offers to help




So, is it all right to joke about killing this turd?


Does anybody remember the Batman villain Egghead?


The joke is that he likely is on a kill list. However, they won’t be able to actually kill him, so they are likely in the process of figuring out ways to destroy his credibility instead.


LOL!!! Those NSA guys cut me up!


… into very small pieces. LOL!!


Imagine Hayden as Santa Claus and Snowden as a bad boy who Santa wants to put on his “naughty” list. If Santa can’t give Snowden a lump of coal, he’ll just turn him into one.


Think of it - Snowden kicked them SO hard, these losers on their way down can only WISH he was on a kill list. Poor sad, wannabe fascisti. Tsk, tsk. Heart. Bleeds.


Days late, billions of dollars short there.


America may still be the land of the brave and home of the free, but soundbites from its government sounds more and more like a lair of fascists.



That’s all I have to say.


So, Hayden and Rogers, you wanna try making that same joke in an airport security line?


Extra-judicial executions really get me every time.


Lick the shiny, shiny boots of authority, lest the next neck they stomp be yours, eh?

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Not very funny considering the blood on those jokers hands.


Wow, professional murderers and spies making a joke about murdering a US citizen.Or was it a joke?
Come to think of it, that is exactly the kind of comment Homeland Security would consider a terroristic threat. We need to immediately arrest Michael Hayden and Mike Rogers under the Patriot Acts expanded definition of terrorism which includes “threats made to kill or injure another person”. The US will not stand for this sort of terrorist posturing. You are either with us or against us and clearly those two are against us.


Murdering (subhuman) non-US citizens is ok then?


As hilarious as this is, ahem, they can’t really charge Snowden with evading arrest when the government made death threats, can they?


Yes, clearly that is exactly my point… everyone who is not a US citizen is subhuman and it’s OK to kill them. I’m so glad you are the one that discovered my obviously intentional implication. Aren’t you a clever boy?
Or, perhaps it is that people who have sworn an oath to protect US citizens are joking about extrajudicial execution of those same people. I like your version better though.


From the last psychiatrist, another context but still relevant…

“If you think I support domestic abuse-- if you think my not explicitly writing, ad nauseum, “NO TOLERANCE” or “IT’S NOT THE VICTIM’S FAULT” is evidence that I think that “sometimes the bitch deserves it,” then I can tell you without error that 2012 is going to be way too complicated a year for you to endure, and you are seeing a psychiatrist, and it isn’t helping. Stop being you. The world does not have to validate your prejudices. Take a minute, you may learn from people you disagree with.”