This “Edward Snowdenhands” Halloween costume is everything


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Me likey!


Put down the knives and place your hands on your head or we’ll open fire!


Walking the streets, knocking on people’s doors and telling them that the NSA is spying on their smartphones.


Maybe lan cables might be better than scissors?


Yeah. There’s no attempt at a joke here. The only connection between the two subjects is the first name. So I guess you could take anyone named “Edward” and stick some scissor hands on him and you get the same thing.


It’s actually a fairly current cultural reference.

Edit: It’s a long video… you can jump in at about 1:15 and watch the rest to get the joke.


what about Magic Mike Huckabee and Lil Kim Davis?


If you read the responses to the Twitter post, one person suggested he walk around saying “pardon me, pardon me”. That would be the cherry on top!

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