Saddest mugshot ever


On the bright side by the time he gets out of jail Taco Bell will be open.

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I first thought it said “attain epiphany concerning the nature of everything”. Now I feel like I was tricked into empathizing.

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Bonus prize: Teal and Orange!

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If I could find a good shot of Edward Snowden with brow furrowed, it’d be a nice match.

It’s like you are listening to the same podcast as me with these stories.


Ask and ye shall receive


This post’s been up 2 whole hours with no concern trolling over this gentleman’s privacy. What’s wrong with you people.


Suggested musical accompaniment:

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Go Dolphins?

Surveillance state apathy:[


Privacy is dead. You didn’t get the memo because it’s sealed under an NSL.


Right, how could anyone possibly be concerned with the rampant practice in the U.S. of plastering unconvicted people’s mugshots all over the internet?

At least in this case his name didn’t get posted. Here at least.

“Fighting with police”? I’m sure.

I’d put money on the fact that the cops were shouting “stop resisting” as they pummeled him while he lay face down on the ground.

All for the dangerous crime of riding a bike through the drive-thru?


Rob invited us trolls.

Delete the post.

You cannot deny Florida Man. To deny Florida Man is to reduce the worth of Twitter and TMZ by at least half.

YOU GUYS I juuuuuuust waaaaaanted sum taaaaaaacos guuuuys :confused: :confused: :confused:

happiest mugshot ever!:

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