Excellent John Lydon interview from 2005

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Ah, memories. PIL opening for Simple Minds at the Fresno Selland Arena in spring of 1986. Not very many tickets were sold because it conflicted with the stupid student Air Guitar show at Fresno State. Their loss was our gain because we (the entire audience) were next to the stage for the entire show. Of course, I was seriously hung over the next day…but what fun! :sunglasses:


PIL / Seattle


The interview with Snyder was so painful.


Can’t watch the interviews right now but is the takeaway that Lydon isn’t a completely horrible asshole anymore?

I’d heard anecdotally that he was seen on more than one occasion speaking politely to another person, but I’m apprehensive.


He literally describes himself as “a complete huggy bunny”, without a trace of irony, if that helps you picture the interview.

Most of the times I’ve seen him interviewed there is a shifting tension between charm and sarcasm, in this interview he really just comes across as very charming.

You may or may not be able to stomach that!


Most of the interviews I’ve seen with him seem to be hampered by the interviewer thinking that they’re talking to the Johnny Rotten from 1977. He’s usually fairly tolerant of it, but you must get sick of that shit by the time you reach 60.


Too true!!!

I’m happy to listen to Mr Rotten but Piers Morgan is such an unbearable, inflateble arshole that I won’t touch anything that has anything to do with that shiny little cretin. Ugh, just thinking about him makes me want to puke and apologise on behalf of the country.

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I liked it when he was on Judge Judy.


His basic message is more relevant than ever.


:slight_smile: I saw Los Lobos and The Clash there in I don’t remember when .


I know what you mean. We’re so very old. :fearful:


I saw almost no difference in the persons being interviewed. What I saw was one interviewer treating their guest with utter disdain and confusion and another interviewer trying to understand who they were talking to.

All Rotten did was react accordingly to how he was being treated.

If we took young John Lydon and sat him down now, we would all nod in agreement as to what he was saying and the audience would have a great chuckle. PiL was a company. How could the interviewer not get it? But back then, this was a very strange way of talking about the “music business” and rock and roll.

The last artist to talk and confuse the press this way was when Bob Dylan was young. He was the same way when he was being interviewed. It’s funny how their personalities are so similar.

The most modern celebrity or personality I could compare this too would be someone like Russel Brand. He totally confuses the press. The interview he did on Morning Joe with Mika is legendary.

All these guys dont play the silly media game, or if they do it’s to point out its utter absurdity.

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