Jester revealed to be Johnny Rotten on 'The Masked Singer'

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Why is this singing show so full of dickheads?

the Fox singing competition.

Oh, right


I didn’t know this. I just… what?

I mean, I get that Lydon wants the system to get fucked, but this is a bit… on the nose.


“I thought it would be really good because it meant my lovely wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, might get a great sense of fun out of it if she managed to guess who it was," said Lydon.

Good for him. I hope it brought some joy to his wife.


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It’s literally the only thing good about Johnny anymore… that he’s taking care of Nora. Otherwise, he’s just become a raging asshole.


plot twist, he did it for a wonderful, compassionate reason, and out of love for his wife. who would’ve expected Johnny Rotten to do that? MAGA thing, sure, but…

my first thought was i wonder what his Sex Pistol’s age self would say if shown a photo of him in that outfit and someone said, “oh, btw, here’s you in 2021 performing on a TV game show.”

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I would have expected that before the MAGA thing, actually. Lydon back in the punk days and early PIL days did some good shit. The whole controversy over the Grundy interview? He was calling out Grundy (a 50-something year old man) for hitting on a 19 year old (Siouxsie). At the same time that people were attacking the SP and other punks on the street (several got stabbed, like Ari Up, from the Slits, who was also his step-daughter later, Nora was her mom), the band played a benefit from workers up north, which included cake for the kids… Lydon only really became a dick in the last few decades and his only saving grace is really how much he loves Nora and cares for her as she struggles. Other wise, he’s an asshole.


Old man croaks at audience.


Lydon is a rabid maggat asshole, I just can’t listen to him any longer.


I think the same thing when I see Snoop Dogg doing tv commercials for car insurance, beer, and tortilla chips.

One thing I do know, I’m glad the 20 year old version of me has no say or agency over the today version of me. How limiting it would be to still have to live by the rules and opinions of someone with such a narrow perspective and such limited life experience.


I think the answer is that John Lydon was never an anarchist (he openly admits this), but that he was always an edgelord.

He might have fallen into Blue Labour, and the idea that young people don’t care about the workers anymore. Of course, if they were paying attention to what young people are saying and doing they would know that is crap. Unions are rebuilding after years of neglect thanks to Gen X and Millennials (Zoomers are too young to have a significant impact yet but show every intention of continuing this trend).


My wife and I have been watching the show, and our response was a resounding, “Oh, that guy. Huh.” Didn’t know about the MAGA stuff, but I’m not surprised, really.

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However much that is true, rule of goats.


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Isn’t Consequence of Sound a music blog? By people who ostensibly know about music? And, like music history and shit? What?

I mean, Dylan recorded that song, ffs.

Also, the Sex Pistols are to innovative 70s punk what Blink 182 was to innovative 90s rock. I’ve never understood how they’ve earned such a reputation when there are vastly more interesting bands before, during and long after their very brief existence.


The rule of goats always applies to edgelords.


They influenced a lot of bands that came after them


Johnny Rotten was one time on Judge Judy.


It’s funny that Lydon’s concluding comments were “I think he’d be better as a painter or a decorator” because the guy he was talking about had a hairdo much like the kid from the Dutch Boy Paints logo.

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If the Sex Pistols were still around today, chances are they’d have a regular gig in one of the big casinos in Las Vegas.