WATCH: 1980 interview with John Lydon and Keith Levene


I’ve never seen an interview with Mr. Rotten that didn’t make me want to punch him in the mouth.


His book is worth some time if the early punk movement interests you

I think that may have actually been his goal.


Check out this 1997 Snyder Lydon reunion interview
Both protagonists are far less prickley with each other

I remember seeing this live back in the day. It was great! I always loved Tom Snyder’s The Tomorrow Show. (Dan Aykroyd’s take was good as well.)

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Enjoy the older, non-punchable Mr. Lydon:
This one? Touching. If you have a drop of human empathy in your soul.


I love when Bob Odenkirk (as Clive Shropshire) says “doo-da, doo-da” when congratulated on his album sales!

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This Smoosh video is an Oasis send-up. A good generation later than Johnny.

I think the point it makes is timeless. It could just as easily be applied to Radiohead interviews. When Johnny says “We ain’t no band. We’re a company: simple. Nothing to do with rock and roll. Doo-da.” it reminded me of this Mr. Show sketch.

:slight_smile: Right-o. Gotcha.
But? John-o was making a point about the industry and the society, if addled with insecure and intelligent youthful narcissism.

The jack-the-lad cop of everyone from the Stones onward? Usually just plain narcissism.

With another 30 years to look back at the PiL years, Lydon seems more akin to the meta-commentary of Lennon - spoofing the expectation of his interlocutors.

This reminds me what a clueless dick Snyder was. He did have good guests occasionally. Lydon just has too much testosterone at that time to cooperate. Levene keeps trying to make it more conversational, but Snyder can’t keep himself from being personally offended by Lydon’s pretty predictable schtick. It’s not about you, Tom. I am glad John has come to terms with his place in the world. He is a much more pleasant person now and we are allowed to think he is a very unusual genius without attracting his contempt. The sub-text is, “Did you really ask us to come on your show to answer the same lame questions with the same lame answers? I didn’t think so.” Dylan and Lennon felt the same way. “Come on, Let’s have some fun here. Are you really that boring? Do you really have so little faith in your audience?”


Yeah, not such a clueless dick in that sense. He let the Plasmatics blow up a car in his studio! The interview went better too.

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