Piers Morgan Fired


It’ll give Donald Trump something to take credit for for a couple of days.

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Fired, but unfortunately not from a large calibre weapon. Still, it’s a start.

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Good. The guy was worse than a bag of dicks.

They brought in someone who made interviewees uncomfortable and pressured instead of softball question Larry King and then wondered why guests and viewers didn’t take well to it?

So weird.

This just in: The Tonight Show’s new host yells at guests in German for ten minutes and then Kiss plays them off stage, ratings plummet.

Morgan has a special talent where he’s such a loathesome prick that people feel tainted if they agree with him.

He’s such a smarmy, oily scumbag hack that he’s truly despised both here and in the UK - @Jardine’s picture above tells a thousand words - it takes a special skill to get people to side with Jeremy Clarkson against you. The Times article suggests that his problem here was that he was too English, but that doesn’t explain why no-one in the UK wants him back. Maybe he’s just an arsehole?

Larry King? I thought from his reputation that he was this great famous interviewer, but when I saw him after I moved across the pond he was about as threatening as David Frost was in his later days - ‘and what did you have for breakfast today, Prime Minister?’

Do viewers actually like softball questions, though? I sure as hell don’t. I hate that most interviews are nothing more than thinly (or not at all) disguised sales pitches.


No, he had great famous guests. And how did he get them? By being a softballer. LKL was never about “We knock down the doors and press them on their issues” but more of a “So, what did you want to talk about today?”

A lot of viewers take the latter as a form of interviewing, but they don’t want confrontation before they fall asleep in their chairs anyway.

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He was also editor of the Daily Mirror when phone hacking was going on.

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And faking photos of abuse by UK troops in said rag, which was why he got fired.

I hate celebrity interviews. Almost always skip them. Off the top of my head Daily Show, Colbert and Top Gear would all be improved by dropping them entirely even if the result was a program that was 10 minutes shorter.

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Frankly, producers do not care about you and I. There are enough people who are fascinated by celebrities (check out your local newsstand for magazines containing literally photos of celebrities doing things Just Like You and Me!) that they drive the ratings more than you or I ever will.

And with ratings come advertisers. And they bring buckets of money.

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We don’t get the real CNN, only CNN international, which a kind of Muzak for airport lounges. Everything is made very professionally, but it is also pretty bland and inoffensive. As far as I know the original CNN is not quite like that. However I still don’t understand what they were thinking when they hired what seems to be the most hated man in Britain for that job.

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CNNi is actually more rounded and deeper in actual news these days. CNN has moved much more into infotainment over the paste 15 years. If you think CNNi is muzak you’d be horrified at CNN.

Today’s headlines from their website as of right now:
Harold Ramis’ death
The palace of the former Ukranian President
Big cuts coming to military

I’m pretty sure whatever it is they’re talking about on CNNi it’s not using footage from Stripes.

As for Morgan, they were looking for someone who would get them eyeballs, even hated ones that only cause controversy.


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