Piers Morgan owned


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Right there.


That supercut is just as good, or well, just as revealing.

Oh, what’s SO CLEARLY going through her mind!

nsfw link, i suppose



That was priceless!


In my former career, I knew some on-air talent who couldn’t stand their co-hosts but managed to preserve a semblance of civility when the cameras were on. Morgan must be truly horrible and obnoxious for both of his co-hosts to go after him like that.


…and the camera crew, who did their part keeping the focus on his face as it rather belatedly dawned on him that he’d just been 0wned.


It looks like he was legitimately hurt.

Only amatures get hurt, Piers.

Usually a phony jabbermouth like him would laugh along like, “Ho ho, yes I’m in on the joke too. She doesn’t really mean it. I don’t take her seriously and neither should you. Ha ha.”


Her slaying words and his face in recognition of being slain…I’m going to watch this clip forever.


I’m just a man, but yeah I can clearly see the emotional labor required here. And I bet he still earns more.


ah, i see that susanna has visited the countryside!

[stephen fry once defined countryside (alt. spelling) as the act of killing piers morgan.]

[edit: found a link]


What’s the opposite of dying inside? Because watching that clip did it to me. That was glorious!


I think I’ve posted this before when Morgan was mentioned here, but it bears a repeat imho:


Morgan is our revenge for Rupert Murdoch.

Edit - anyone named Piers is going to be intolerable. Also anybody named Jacob who is not actually Jewish. And Rupert, that’s another. It’s a shorthand so you can dislike someone without wasting time getting to know them.


I keep hoping for Piers Anthony and being disappointed.


There isn’t enough money to have to go to work each day & not punch him in the throat.


The show he is co-host on is the one that tweeted out that video clip, so I say that’s a good barometer for what the cast and crew think of him.


I mean he basically came back to the UK hat-in-hand and tail between his legs. No one particularly likes him.


We ought to do something to free her from these barbaric captors.


Looks to me like they were both in on it, or at the very least playful banter.