Excellent way to make a simple bandana DIY mask without cutting or sewing

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I ordered three sewn cloth masks from a neighbor, but w/o a firm delivery date I resorted to using a bandanna Train Robber style this morning:

I guess I could go buy a couple of hair bands . . . or find them on the street and soak them in bleach!


That’s a good look on you, Stefan!


Works with rubber bands, which is OK for short periods of time!


Looks like it’s from https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html except the CDC recommends a coffee filter in the middle there.

The simplicity of it is appealing but I’m not sure what to do with it afterwards. Seems difficult to get it disassembled and laundered cleanly. The sewn together masks without a filter can get pulled off by one band and dumped right in the washer at least.

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We tried this, and the hair ties kept slipping off my ears. Rubber bands would work fine, I think (more friction) but we don’t have any large enough. Back to the sewing machine…

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The bands around the ears would be irritating as hell for me. I just fold the bandana cowboy style with a middle fold that traps the hanging tip. It’s tidy, covers the nose to chin and undoes to be thrown in the wash in an instant.


Speaking of which…


I just go with the robber style, masks that go over my ears fall off.

The only problem is my breath go up and fogs my glasses up.


That’s what I’ve done as well. fold across the diagonal around the center, tucking in the tips on both sides. tie in back, and pull out the tip parts as needed for nose and chin coverage.


You strike me as the type to wear one of these old-timey, old west, bowler type hats (rather than a cowboy hat) when you and your gang rob the 2:15 out of Tulsa.

just the vibe I’m getting from you

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The folded bandana mask seems ok to me and I use one in my VERY limited ventures out of the house. I had a box of ankle-hi nylons (used for straining plant matter when cooking certain edibles) that I cut into stretchy circles and are very comfortable used as ear bands.
Also, I have found some (unsubstantiated) anecdotes that say after use, place your bandana mask into a plastic baggie and microwave them for 2 to 3 minutes MAY sterilize them (?)
YMMV, should you try for yourself, I will…


I have what is commonly known as a “parade float head”, and yes, it was annoying.

However, I’ll do it if it means that I’m helping keep me, the people I care for, and misc people around them free of disease.

No need.
As posted somewhere else on bOING… you can cut up an old sock for elastic bands.

Some of us have been doing that with old socks anyway, because we are too cheap to buy hair scrunchies or pony bands. :shushing_face:


If you use a bit of tape across the nose to seal off the hot exhalations, you can avoid the fog.

I’d get a flat-topped black hat with a brim, so I could also use it with a Plague Doctor mask.

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If you’re going the bandana route and wear glasses, you might try a piece of wire in the fold that goes over your nose, bent into shape to keep the cloth closer to your face. A paperclip or a cut-up clotheshanger are options.