Excellent way to make a simple bandana DIY mask without cutting or sewing

I don’t know how effective this is, but I’ve been able to reduce my seasonal allergy response to lawn work by wearing a “buff” doubled-over, with a pair of glasses holding it down over the bridge of my nose. That’s my plan for if I have to leave the house.

Yup. I’m taking the chance to dress as a train robber in my stride as well :slight_smile:

Please do not spread this dangerous misinformation. Microwaves do not sterilize. Follow CDC recommendations to wash your mask with soap after use.

Going back to lurking now.


I felt my disclaimer - “unsubstantiated”, “anecdotal” “MAY” was rather clear. But I do thank you for stressing the unproven - and by extraction, misleading - nature of the statement. It was never my intention to mislead.

You could just chuck it in the washer as is - they’d come apart in the washer and need rebuilding, but at that point you’d be handling laundered materials.

If you folded a coffee filter in and laundered that, I’m not sure how that would go. Probably worth a try once, they might hold together well enough to be discarded after the wash cycle.

A pressure cooker with a steam basket, however, is basically a domestic autoclave. It takes about 30 minutes at full pressure, not a duration you could feasibly do in a microwave (even if you could get the steam that hot in a microwave without risking incinerating stuff).

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I like the look, that is bad ass. I can also recommend the keffiyeh.

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Microwave cooking works by heating up the water molecules in food. THERE ARE NO WATER MOLECULES INSIDE A VIRUS. So NO, microwaving does NOT sterilize them.

Detergent or soap will dissolve the outer surface of these viruses - so just use soap or detergent and water to wash your mask.

This is a comfortable no-sewing mask pattern which will give you better coverage - you can leave the ties for the top part of the mask a bit loose, so it’s comfortable and fits over the contours of your nose, since the mask is held up by the ties on the bottom part of the mask. The instructions start about half way through the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=42&v=hVEVve-3QeM&feature=emb_logo

Water vapour is the trick. Hence the plastic bag. Add some moisture. Also, wattage and duration are crucial.
However, evidence is the key, and as far as I know this has not been thoroughly tested. What’s interesting is that the German society for hospital hygienics (DGKH) suggest it works, given enough wattage and duration.

Also, an iron works. Heat strongly, and iron fabric facemask for a while. It is important to heat folds an stitches strongly and for a long time.


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