Try this quick DIY face mask tutorial before your next run to the market

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This is a good one. Could be mass-produced pretty quickly for groups of people who are at risk – unhoused people, farm workers, nursing homes. I will try ways to add a second layer of fabric to make protection a little better…


Looks like you could just make two of them and double up. Maybe interweave the earstraps before putting it/them on.


What if you just took one piece of cloth, twice as wide, and folded it top to bottom before folding it over to cut the ear holes, so that you ended up with something like this. Which you could then fold over, top to bottom, maybe stick a coffee filter in there and a bit of tape to seal the open edge.


Hey as long as you’re cutting up t-shirts, the sleeves make decent face masks too. Very comfortable with a lot of size and color options and obviously machine washable. If you cut along the inner edge of the seam it won’t fray. I wear it around my neck like a bandana when not in use.

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This one, previously seen on BB, seems simpler and gives you 3 layers of fabric. It also allows for the inclusion of an unused tissue for even more filtration. I use a length of chenille stem in the upper fold to contour to my nose.


Combine any of the at home masks with a blue shop towel (or 2) and you may be good to go

only if the sleeves are big enough. XD I experimented with making cowl neck T-Shirts when I first bought my sewing machine and I was buying other cheap T-Shirts for parts. don’t accidently choke trying to fit in something homemade! heheh

This is really bad advice, if you are coughing then stay at home and isolate yourself, arrange for deliveries. A cloth mask will not protect you any more than reducing your exposure to others and maintaining social distancing if you have to go out in public.

apparently you don’t understand the point of the mask. it’s not to protect the wearer from everyone else, it’s to protect everyone else from the wearer.

particles are emitted when you talk or even when you just breath (never mind coughing and sneezing), and people are infectious before symptoms appear, so everyone should be covering up just in case they have something and don’t know it yet.

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