Jock straps to the rescue with this simple DIY face mask tutorial

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That really put a smile on my face. You have to believe me, it’s under those undies.


I was going to try and make a mask out of a bra this week, but this is way easier, and I already have a jock strap.

Maybe I’ll buy a new one though. . . .


This is only one layer of cloth - but if everyone wore one, the combination of that amount of protection plus physical distancing would cut viral transmission way down.

Whatever kind of mask you wear, you’re helping. Your mask keeps other people safe, their mask keeps you safe.

Here’s a t-shirt, no-sewing mask that gives better coverage but isn’t as cute:

You can leave the ties for the top part of the mask a bit loose, so it’s comfortable and fits over the contours of your nose, since the mask is held up by the ties on the bottom part of the mask. The instructions start about half way through the video.

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Shout out to those make a mask from a bra memes with the cute little lacy bra mask, and then a second image of a woman whose entire head is covered in a size DD bra. Make me laugh out loud every time. This video was very charming.


But does it pass the sniff test?


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