Excuse me, might I trouble you to ask what you are listening to on your podcast machine?


Cool - I don’t know anything about any of these, obv, but I think that podcasts are potentially a good way for agencies to communicate information to the public. If they are done accurately and responsibly then it means potential for a more informed electorate. I really enjoy it when people in government show up on podcasts to talk abot whet they are doing or problems in their area of expertise (Factually, the Vergecast, Mindscape and a few others I listen to regularly do this.

I like it!

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I am not generally a “true crime” podcast fan… but given this:

I’m gonna give this a listen:


I had the feeling that the CBC Radio link I’m using for my Internet radio was getting out of date.

It definitely doesn’t have this one.


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I loved Let’s Make a Sci-fi, and I really think their final script would make a good TV show. Although I was frustrated that nobody told them about the existence of Ascension, which had a lot of the same themes. It was even produced by the CBC.

I’m glad the follow up season Let’s Make a RomCom is shortly to be released.


Some guy named Cory Doctorow and a very smart lady named Rebecca, that I am just happily learning about, are on the Decoder podcast, complaining about capitalism



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The wild true crime story behind the cultural phenomenon Chippendales.

Historian Natalia Petrzela exposes one of the great, sordid, unexamined stories in American culture.

This is good if you have Spotify.

Oh and this just left Amazon music:

Disgraceland is a podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly. Thirty-ish minute episodes that trace the most insane criminal stories surrounding our most interesting and infamous pop stars.

Disgraceland melds music history, true crime and transgressive fiction. Disgraceland is not journalism. Disgraceland is entertainment. Entertainment inspired by true events. However, certain scenes, characters and names are sometimes fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

Dr. Ronald Dante is a talented hypnotist (and not an actual doctor) whose mind-bending schemes span decades. Dante worked the smoke-filled nightclubs of 1960s Hollywood and rode the self-help craze of the 1980s and 90s, hypnotizing women out of their fortunes, taking out hits on his rivals and opening up one of the biggest fake universities in history. Host Sam Mullins tracks Dante through yacht clubs, prison cells, trailer parks and theme parks to uncover the unbelievable true story of the greatest con man you’ve never heard of.

Presentation is bit OTT but I like it.

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It’s a bit of a cliche for me to listen to this podcast given my handle in this forum, but I actually do like the skeptics with the k podcast. The title is making fun of the British spelling of skeptic that uses a c, a spelling they don’t use for their podcast.

There have been some incidents in the skeptical community in recent years that have been unacceptable. I believe the Merseyside Skeptics are on the right side of those issues.


They also run The Skeptic.

They publish stuff like this:

Thanks I haven’t seen those. So I’ll have to look into them. They look problematic.

His podcast:

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I’ve been listening since it started and it’s good enough that I give them money. It’s basically three British comedians, engaging in extremely British banter.

For an hour.

I came to it through Benjamin Partridge, of the also wonderful Beef and Dairy Network Podcast

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I usually don’t care for Maximum Fun stuff but this one is about the Prisoner.

Good but I dislike Damon Lindelof (hearining about Fountainhead makes me sick) and few other things rub me the wrong way because I’m huge nerd nitpicks about Lotus 7 not six and them not recognizing the Ball Chair.

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Among the podcasts I listen to regularly, one stands out as very silly:

In which a couple of brothers attempt to play through the entire Choose Your Own Adventure catalogue, and more besides. Includes daft quizzes, musical interludes, and Sad Pizza Parties.

And another is notable for being both very silly and very clever by turns:

A cooler person than me might get away with calling this “woke critique of the James Bond movies” - but they’ve run out of Bond and gone on to other series. It’s often hilarious in my opinion

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Live Like the World is Dying

your podcast for what feels like the end times

How do we live in a world that might be ending? By preparing to survive that end and by working to prevent it. Live Like the World is Dying features interviews with people who think about how to prepare for and survive crises.


Courtesy of @robertmckenna :


Just to fill in some details of why I think many here might give this a go. They use the framing device of the 13 minute powered descent to the moon of the Eagle lander. So each of the people on the recording gets talked about and/or interviewed, the design choices that made certain things happen are gone back to, and the engineering and manufacturing discussed in different episodes. So for example the computer error codes lead to a deep dive into the making of the computer and the programming. This leads up to episode ten where they play the descent with bits of it broken down and analysed and finally to episode 11 where they play the entire thing from CAPCOM Charlie Duke’s loop in real time and by now you know all the jargon and the people behind the famous noises that we all have heard, well all our lives for most of us I suspect.

It’s epic and I really do think there are many here who would enjoy it. It’s an old story of course and many probably know everything they need to know but I brought the doggo out for the second last one yesterday and then sat down and did nothing else but listen to the first landing on the moon. Right up until Armstrong had to interrupt the babbling “Houston. Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed”.