Excuse me, might I trouble you to ask what you are listening to on your podcast machine?

Look who has a podcast!!!

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Recently I started listening to Murder Hobos, “a biographical podcast about chivalry violence and other masculine nonsense throughout history”. So far I have listened to episodes about William Marshal, Götz von Berlichingen and the duel of the Mignons, plus Q&A episodes for each. What I really like about it is that the level feels just right. It is very acessible and entertaining without feeling too dumbed fown. That’s more than can be said about much pop history.

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Dear Old Dads

Hey kids, get ON our lawn! Dear Old Dads is a podcast examining and deconstructing all things Dad.

Apparently the only explicit parenting podcast.

It features Matt Parker, Steve Mould and Helen Arney talking about things that you wouldn’t believe could be interesting, but turn out to be fascinating when you get down to the nitty and / or gritty. Each episode starts with a single phrase and brings together three unique takes on it from the three Spoken Nerds.

Struggling musician and successful delivery driver Andrew O’Neill has inadvertently opened a portal to another dimension in their flat. This is a very bad thing. A million demons have flooded through and they’re getting in everyone’s way. A comedy about being stuck between worlds - human and demon, millennials and boomers. This is the first narrative comedy starring a non-binary character.


20,000 Hertz, a podcast related to sound. This was a recent good episode related to how the brain processes sound, and cochlear implants.


Something I posted to the AI thread. It’s Joshua Topolsky’s new podcast, which is fun, but less fun than the wider ranging, more bonkers Tomorrow podcast that he used to do with Ryan Houlihan
This one is more of an interview show so far, with interesting people in tech.

The airport bestsellers that captured our hearts and ruined our minds

First episode:

In 2005, two men named Steven and Stephen published the quintessential airport book [Freakonomics]. In 2022, two men named Mike and Peter started a whole podcast just to make fun of it.

The Lions Led By Donkeys podcast is a military history podcast for laughing at the worst military failures, inept commanders, and crazy stories from throughout the history of human conflict.

The Nonsense Bazaar is a weekly comedy, paranormal, and conspiracy theory podcast.
The Nonsense Bazaar is an exercise in absurdity and hyperparanoia.
The Nonsense Bazaar is an ontological war machine.
The Nonsense Bazaar is your friend.

One of my favorite episodes of theirs:


Cool - I don’t know anything about any of these, obv, but I think that podcasts are potentially a good way for agencies to communicate information to the public. If they are done accurately and responsibly then it means potential for a more informed electorate. I really enjoy it when people in government show up on podcasts to talk abot whet they are doing or problems in their area of expertise (Factually, the Vergecast, Mindscape and a few others I listen to regularly do this.

I like it!

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