Excuse me, might I trouble you to ask what you are listening to on your podcast machine?

I’ve been listening since it started and it’s good enough that I give them money. It’s basically three British comedians, engaging in extremely British banter.

For an hour.

I came to it through Benjamin Partridge, of the also wonderful Beef and Dairy Network Podcast

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I usually don’t care for Maximum Fun stuff but this one is about the Prisoner.

Good but I dislike Damon Lindelof (hearining about Fountainhead makes me sick) and few other things rub me the wrong way because I’m huge nerd nitpicks about Lotus 7 not six and them not recognizing the Ball Chair.

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Among the podcasts I listen to regularly, one stands out as very silly:

In which a couple of brothers attempt to play through the entire Choose Your Own Adventure catalogue, and more besides. Includes daft quizzes, musical interludes, and Sad Pizza Parties.

And another is notable for being both very silly and very clever by turns:

A cooler person than me might get away with calling this “woke critique of the James Bond movies” - but they’ve run out of Bond and gone on to other series. It’s often hilarious in my opinion

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Live Like the World is Dying

your podcast for what feels like the end times

How do we live in a world that might be ending? By preparing to survive that end and by working to prevent it. Live Like the World is Dying features interviews with people who think about how to prepare for and survive crises.


Courtesy of @robertmckenna :


Just to fill in some details of why I think many here might give this a go. They use the framing device of the 13 minute powered descent to the moon of the Eagle lander. So each of the people on the recording gets talked about and/or interviewed, the design choices that made certain things happen are gone back to, and the engineering and manufacturing discussed in different episodes. So for example the computer error codes lead to a deep dive into the making of the computer and the programming. This leads up to episode ten where they play the descent with bits of it broken down and analysed and finally to episode 11 where they play the entire thing from CAPCOM Charlie Duke’s loop in real time and by now you know all the jargon and the people behind the famous noises that we all have heard, well all our lives for most of us I suspect.

It’s epic and I really do think there are many here who would enjoy it. It’s an old story of course and many probably know everything they need to know but I brought the doggo out for the second last one yesterday and then sat down and did nothing else but listen to the first landing on the moon. Right up until Armstrong had to interrupt the babbling “Houston. Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed”.



New York City, 1973. Bob Guccione, founder of the men’s magazine Penthouse, is about to drop his latest project, and it’s not quite what anyone is expecting. Enter Viva, an erotic magazine for women published by a porn king but staffed by – drumroll – a bunch of feminist writers and editors. Viva features groundbreaking full-frontal male nudes, writing by feminist icons like Betty Friedan, and profiles of literary legends like Maya Angelou. Its cover stars include Bianca Jagger and Shelley Duvall. Anna Wintour was even Viva’s fashion editor at one point. But what is originally conceived as a high-end, progressive, sexual utopia for women… doesn’t quite turn out that way.

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I’ll have to listen to that in a bit… how often do they mention Foucault? :thinking:

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The Dogg Zzone 9000

Comedians and Garbage Archaeologists Seanbaby and Robert Brockway unearth and discuss pop culture artifacts that should never have been.

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Thank you for reminding me that Seanbaby exists! I’ll have to check that one out!

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Sad Oligarch is a modern true crime style investigative podcast series that looks into the many Russian oligarch deaths of 2022, unravelling a dark tale of Kremlin corruption and Russian political influence across the world.

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… narrated by Martha Wash herself


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Where There’s Woke

Every single time the right, or even center-left, goes ballistic over a “woke” controversy, the slightest bit of investigation shows the scandal is almost entirely bogus. This is not a new phenomenon; it dates back decades. It’s an intentional tool used to protect the powerful and preserve the status quo, while further scapegoating and otherizing those who push for political progress. This podcast digs into not just today’s fake scandals, but those of yesterday and yesteryear. The terminology has changed some, but the pattern has not. Listen in as host Thomas Smith shines a light on the panic, the fragility, the overreaction, and the lying that ignites ‘Where There’s Woke.’

Can’t find a website for this show.

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